Is it Safe to Eat Fruits Before Bed| Know the Best Time to Eat it|

Most of us have an irresistible desire for something sweet at night, and if you are trying to lose weight, you will undoubtedly turn to fruits to satisfy your cravings. Fruits are healthy, juicy, nutritious, naturally sweet, and far superior to other sugary foods. But it has long been debated whether or not it is healthy to eat fruits at night. As per Ayurveda, you should not eat fruits after 4 pm. Well, there are few reasons why you should avoid eating fruits at night?Also Read – Bhutte Ke Fayde: 5 Secret Health Benefits of Maize That You Should Definitely Know

Should You Avoid Eating Fruits at Night? Here’s Why:

Increase in blood sugar levels
Many fruits are high in sugar, and eating them before dinner can increase the risk of blood sugar spikes. The majority of the population suffers from high blood sugar, and eating certain fruits increases the risk. As a result, eating certain fruits right before going to bed should be avoided. Also Read – Food For Heart: 5 Healthy Items to Add in Your Diet if You Are Suffering From Any Heart Diseases

Loss of other nutrients
When it comes to fruits, most people skip other food supplements like vegetables and proteins. This is because they are attempting to accommodate the fruits while also managing their diet schedule. However, skipping other essential food supplements that are high in nutrients may cause additional complications in your body as a result of the deficiency. Also Read – Is Air Frying Healthy? Know Top 5 Health Benefits of Air Fryers

Can Disturb Your Sleep
Consuming fruits at dinner time, just before going to bed, can help you feel more energized. This can be upsetting because you will not be able to fall asleep deeply and will be easily distracted. Fruits should be consumed for breakfast because they increase the body’s energy level and allow you to work without feeling exhausted.

The Possibility of Gaining Weight
Fruits are generally low in calories, so eating a piece will not result in significant weight gain. However, if you eat the recommended number of calories each day and then eat one extra medium-size banana before bed, you will get an additional 100 calories.

Best Time to Consume Fruits Are:

In the Morning/Between Meals
Fruits are best eaten on an empty stomach in the morning and between meals. As a result, the fruit is digested immediately, allowing for maximum nutrient assimilation – fibre, vitamins, and simple sugars.

Pre/post workout
Fruit can also be consumed before or after exercise. When you eat fruits before working out, the simple sugars in the fruits are absorbed for immediate use by the body. When you eat fruits after a workout, the nutrients quickly replenish the bodies with the energy that was exerted during the workout.


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