Internet Backs Mom Telling Kids Their Sick Dad Wets Bed and Needs Diapers

An overworked mom who exposed her unwell husband’s bed-wetting habit to their two children has been backed online over her drastic course of action.

Incontinence is nothing to be ashamed of and actually affects millions worldwide. The Simon Foundation for Continence estimates that over 33 million adults in the US alone are affected by urinary incontinence.

Treatments are available too, with the most obvious solution being adult diapers. Yet for some, the idea of ​​wearing diapers can be met with resistance due to the perceived stigma attached with using a product more commonly associated with infants.

That’s certainly the case for the husband at the center of a viral post shared to Reddit by his increasingly frustrated wife, posting to the platform under the handle throwaway134543.

A wet bed and an unwell man.
Stock image of a wet bed and an unwell man – a mom has been backed after coming clean about her husband’s bed wetting habit.
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According to her post, he was recently hospitalized with some “health issues.” Though he has since returned home, he subsequently “started wetting the bed every few nights.”

They spoke to a doctor who provided them with some medication and suggested her husband consider using adult diapers “temporarily.” Despite this advice, her other half said no.

As a result, his continued illness and bed wetting has put pressure on his wife as she’s “the one having to clean up every time.”

Recently she said she “grew tired of it” after “he just kept wetting the bed” while “not considering evening diapers.” The “final straw” came after he wet the bed again recently. She began raging at him in a tirade that their two children overheard.

When they asked what was going on, she told them: “See your dad keeps wetting the bed and throws a tantrum when asked to wear a diaper.”

Her outburst left her husband stunned. He told her he felt “humiliated” by her telling their kids, but she insisted he would feel better “when he stops wetting the bed like he was a child.”

The husband accused her of being “cruel” and claimed she was trying to “shame” him and “turn the kids against him.”

Yet for many observers on social media, it was a case of drastic times calling for drastic measures.

BlueRose_- said the husband needed to “grow up and stop looking down on his wife like a maid.” Purplesmoke1215 agreed, writing: “He shouldn’t be fighting having to wear the diaper. Especially if he’s taking medicine that will eventually fix the problem anyway. The diaper isn’t meant to be permanent. And isn’t meant to be an all day thing. Just for sleep.”

“Your husband’s refusal to wear diapers to bed is ridiculous,” PussyBoogersAuGraten commented. “Should you have lost it in front of the kids? Probably not. But the bottom line is had he just had the decency to wear the depends to bed, this never would have happened.”

Organized_Khaos was similarly critical, writing that her “husband should show some compassion and gratitude” for his wife’s efforts by “trying to lighten the burden as much as possible, and that includes wearing briefs when possible.”

Heylookitsthatginger, meanwhile, defended her decision to tell their kids. “Should you have song to them?” they asked. “They’re old enough to understand the situation and I think it’s fair to be honest with them at that moment. He obviously can’t control wetting the bed, but he can try to reduce the mess, which he isn’t doing. “

Mugofanxitea agreed that it was clear his wife was “at breaking point” and something needed to change. “He needs to wear the diapers. He’s being incredibly selfish putting all this extra (disgusting) work onto you.”

Newsweek has contacted throwaway134543 for comment.

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