Indian Railways restored linen, bed roll services in all 216 Northern zone trains

After receipt of instructions from the Ministry of Railways to restore the linen service, Northern Railway commenced the supply of linen in AC coaches in a phased manner. Now, this important passenger amenity of bed roll has been restored in all the trains of Northern Railway.

It is notable that, as a precautionary measure to contain the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic linen services in trains were temporarily withdrawn across Indian Railways. Now, with current train operations, linen and bed roll items are being supplied in around 1,281 AC coaches of 216 train services of Northern Railway.

Around 67,000 bed rolls are being supplied per day on Northern Railway trains which is one of the highest by any zone on Indian Railways. A well-established system of bed roll management works round the clock to integrate the supply chain, operations of mechanized laundries, and transportation with a schedule of trains to handle around 4.7 lakhs of bed rolls per day. (ANI)

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