Indian Navy ramps up bed capacity at hospitals, prepares places for quarantine

With the advent of the Omicron variant of Covid-19, the Indian Navy has issued instructions and decided to increase bed capacity in hospitals and issued instructions on how to follow Covid-19 protocols.

Vice Admiral Ajendra Bahadur Singh, Commander in Chief of Western Naval Command, said, “We recently issued widespread dictation that Omicron is a worrying variant and have established certain regulations that we will follow within the Navy that cover all parameters of COVID – Includes protocol and compliance with state government guidelines and maintains a clear and unambiguous COVID-19 hygiene and system, “Singh told reporters.

The Navy has increased bed capacity in its hospitals and has also prepared places for quarantine, he said. “We look forward to exchanging ideas with the state government. If they need help, we can and are more than willing to go that extra mile, “said the vice admiral, adding that the goal is to save lives regardless of who they belong to.

In another related development, the Indian Navy is “in all readiness” to deliver a credible and coherent response anytime, anywhere, West Bengal Naval Officer in charge (NOIC) Commodore Rituraj Sahu said here on Friday. He also said the Indian Navy has grown many times in capacity and capabilities in all three dimensions of surface ships, naval aviation and underwater areas. “The Indian Navy is fully prepared to respond to any threat from the sea. It will be able to provide a credible and coherent response at any time,” Sahu said here. On the eve of the 50th Navy Day celebrations, it was said, that India is geographically very well located in this region.

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