In This Unique Job, You Could Be Paid $1,000 To Eat Cheese Before Bed

In This Unique Job, You Could Be Paid $1,000 To Eat Cheese Before Bed

Get paid to eat cheese before bed.

A healthy lifestyle includes the practice of getting enough sleep, as lack of sleep has become a public health issue that raises risks for obesity, depression, hypertension, and memory loss disorders in the general population.

A mattress review company has launched a job offer for volunteers who are prepared to join this sleep job in order to conduct the research and analysis required for the improvement of sound sleep.

The Sleep Junkie study requires five Americans to slice their way through various cheeses each week while keeping a journal of their dreams and nightmares. Additionally, the company will pay its “dairy dreamers” $1,000 once the study is finished.

Sleep Junkie announced that “they wanted to test out one of the most popular European sleep theories, that eating cheese before bed gives you nightmares, and see if there is any truth behind this. We also want to look at whether, if this is true , different cheeses have more of an effect than others.

“Our dairy dreamers will become our official cheese testers, providing honest feedback on how eating various kinds of cheese before bed impacts their sleep quality,” the company said.

The candidates will begin work in March and will be expected to work for three months.

The company stated in a release that the candidate should be “at least 21 years old, own a smartwatch or fitness tracker that tracks sleep, have a consistent sleep schedule, and be able to sleep alone during the trials. The person should also not suffer from any current sleep issues or have any dairy or lactose intolerances.

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