In Bed With Saiyami Kher: “I want to stop using my phone in bed!”

She may only be half a dozen films old, but Saiyami Kher’s diverse repertoire of work has caught everyone’s attention. Saiyami, the daughter of former models Uttara and Advait Kher, has made two films in Hindi and Telugu and another in Marathi. But it’s their shows Special forces and Breathe: Into the shadows that connected them to the millennial audience. Quickly stalk her on social media to see that she has the ease of a typical millennial across all platforms, but ask her if she prefers the generally pleasant Instagram or the politically explosive Twitter, she opts for the latter. Why? Your guess is as good as ours.

Tell us three things nobody knows about you.

1. I love old Hindi music.

2. I am very afraid of lizards.

3. I worked in my parents’ restaurant when I was a child.

true love for you is?

honesty and camaraderie.

A relationship rule you follow?

Always be honest and never take your partner for granted.

A good night’s sleep or a great workout: what’s more important?

Without a good night’s sleep, it’s usually difficult to get a great workout!

A good night’s sleep or a good meal: what could be nicer?

A good meal gives me a good night’s sleep.

If you had to plan a surprise for a loved one, what would it be?

Good food and a short vacation at his/her favorite destination.

And if you were surprised, what would you wish for?

Tickets and a planned vacation to Hawaii.

One thing you do for your sanity?

Train and run.

A podcast you listen to often?

The Tim Ferriss Show.

Three things that are always on your bedside table.

Phone charger, a book and a water bottle.

A preferred side of the bed?

Right. Why? Just out of habit.

What’s hanging on your bedroom wall?

All my medals from my marathons and half marathons.

A health injection for our readers?

Consistency is key.

Describe yourself in a hashtag.


bedside stories

Your favorite midnight snack?


What are you reading in bed these days?

Ikigai: The Japanese secret to a long and happy life.

what do you wear to bed

shorts and a t-shirt.

A bedroom habit you want to break?

with my phone [in bed].

Your idea of ​​breakfast in bed?

Start with hot chocolate, move on to a delicious Eggs Benedict smoothie, then some fruit and yoghurt with granola.

This or that?

Dating apps or a matchmaker?

A matchmaker!

Instagram or Twitter?


beach or mountains?

A beach in the mountains.

Great success or true love?

True love.

fame or money?

Both in equal parts.

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From HT Brunch, January 30, 2022

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