In Bed With Mishal Raheja: “I prefer movies over web series as I like the story to end the same night”

When Mishal was barely nine years old, he was entrusted with punching straws in fruit juice tetra packs for the children at his younger cousin’s birthday party. One participant, a boy, wanted to wish her a hug, but the protective Big Bro waved his finger at him and said, “Wish her from afar.” Mishal laughs as he remembers the incident and adds, “I love my family … and acting.”

After becoming famous as Duttabhau, the Don of Laagi Tujhse Lagan, he has now turned into the effective Dr. Sahil transformed by Nikhil Advani Diaries from Mumbai. In an interesting offshoot of the tense terror drama, Dr. Unknowingly saw a wedge between his colleague and friend Dr. Kaushik and his wife Ananya.

While Mishal is fascinated by the sea and solitude, he is happiest when he is with his two Golden Retrievers, who, believe it or not, are Brad and Angelina! “My sister wanted to name the bitch Angelina, so I insisted on naming the dog Brad. It’s a good game, isn’t it? ”He smiles.

What are two things no one knows about you?

1. I am mostly introverted and I prefer it that way.

2. I celebrate my success not by throwing parties, but by sharing food with the poor.

Who are you watching tv with

My dad and I watch TV in the bedroom after work. We’re not fans of web series and we prefer movies as we like the story to end on the same night.

What posters have you pinned on your bedroom wall?

I only have one poster in my whole house – mine from my first show, Anurag Basus Love story.

How do you feel when you wake up

I usually wake up late. So when I finally show up, I feel, “Gosh, my parents are going to protect me”. When I turn, I get up at 5:30 a.m. every day.

Can you sleep if the person next to you is snoring?

Not at all. When my father and I took a seven-hour flight to Nairobi, Kenya, he sat next to me and snored the whole time. I don’t think anyone slept in that cabin on that flight.

Who do you think has bedroom eyes?

I, of course!

What to do to let off steam Punch pillow?

I don’t do physical harm to my pillow when I’m angry! When I’m alone I scream and let off some steam.

Describe yourself in a hashtag.


Bedside stories

Your favorite midnight nibbles?

A small bowl of waffles and a couple of chocolates.

What are your guilty joys?

I have a sweet tooth. If there’s sweets or chocolates at home, I don’t sleep until they’ve all been eaten.

What do you read in bed

I enjoy reading Amish Tripathi’s books; I am reading right now Dharma.

What do you sleep in

Shorts and a t-shirt.

This or that?

Sports car or Mercedes?

Mercedes. I’ve been a fan of the classic lines of a Mercedes since I was a child.

Drive yourself or a car with a chauffeur?

A chauffeured car before midnight. But when the traffic has relaxed, I like to drive.

Ghar ka khaana or fine dining?

I will do anything for ghar ka khaana to like from-Rice, cabbage and washed cucumber. Forget good food – I don’t care a bit.

From HT Brunch, December 5, 2021

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