In Bed With Elli AvrRam: “I dance in my living room: I jump on my sofa, my piano bench, and do a full performance.”

Elli AvrRam can shed tears at the drop of a hat. “I am an emotional person,” she sighs, “I got teary-eyed just last night while watching the web series manifest.”

Happy for Elli, she has much to smile about in life. From Sweden, she became a household name in India when she participated in Big Boss. After doing films like Kiss Kisko Pyar Karoon, bazaar other Malangshe also recently appeared alongside Aamir Khan in the song Har Funn Maula. Elli also made her debut in the South with Naane Varuvean, in which she played Dhanush’s wife. “I became his fan after Raanjhanaa. I’m happy about our film and the response,” says the actor who is looking forward to acting in a film with Amitabh Bachchan.

Even when work keeps her busy, Elli finds time to speak regularly to her family back home in Sweden. She uses her free time to recharge. “I’m a proper lion. If I have a day off, I can sleep for 15 hours. I’m ready for anything after I wake up!”

Tell us a guilty pleasure?

I don’t generally eat gluten, but sometimes I crave for a pizza or bread, and end up caving. But, afterwards I feel ‘shayad yeh nahin khana chahiye tha‘ as gluten doesn’t suit me.

One relationship rule you follow?

Loyalty has to be important.

What’s the most extreme thing you’ve done for love?

I was in my first relationship and this person ditched me. I was heartbroken. I found his address, and landed up there, though it was on the other side of Stockholm, where I lived. I won his heart and we became a couple thereafter, but it ended after a few years.

A health shot you swear by?

I don’t believe in protein shakes. I’ve started making my own shake by blending milk, dates, almonds or cashews, jaggery or honey.

One thing you do for your mental health?

meditations And, play with my cats.

A fashion trend you don’t follow?

I have always stayed away from trends. I’m never going to allow anyone to tell me how I should dress up.

Any fitness options besides the gym?

I dance in my living room—it’s fun and you use every muscle in your body. I jump on my sofa, my piano bench, and put on a full performance. I feel like I’m ABBA’s dancing queen!

Would you use a dating site?

No. I love the old school way—you go out somewhere and suddenly some person just connects with you. I prefer a human connection rather than being behind a screen.

Describe yourself in a hashtag.


{ bedside stories }

How many pillows do you stash below your head?

I have this big bed all for myself and I need two pillows—one mota and the other chhota other patla. I also have a whole family of teddy bears on my bed—Mr Monkey, Tweety, Nemo and Mr Froggy, who came with me from Sweden and even entered Big Boss with me

Are you disciplined about your sleeping hours?

Irrespective of the time I sleep, I make sure that I get my eight hours. I cannot compromise on my sleep as it harms the body in the long run.

Are you a deep sleeper?

Definitely. I wake up if it has to do with my cat babies, but there are so many times that I don’t hear my alarm go off.

Did your mom sing you lullabies?

She does it even now when we FaceTime! A few days back, she noticed that I was getting drowsy while on the phone, so she started singing a lullaby for me. I drifted off to deep sleep.

{ This or that? }

Reading novels or watching films?

Watching movies. I love to read but I have dyslexia, so it takes me ages.

Bikini or a one-piece swimsuit?

One piece swimsuit.

Let life happen to you or take life by the horns?

I’m the director of my life.

Instrumental music or songs with lyrics?

Instrumental music touches your soul. I love the violin and the piano.

From HT Brunch, January 7, 2023

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