In Bed With Candice Pinto: “I once wore Rocky S to bed”

Mumbai-based supermodel Candice Pinto’s Instagram handle has quirky hair and makeup photos. A closer look reveals that she is also a professional makeup and hair artist (see @candypopbycandicepinto). It is nothing if not consistent; In addition to being a Fashion Week veteran, Candice has been a regular on HT Brunch’s list of top models for the past few years. This time, she reveals her bedroom secrets to us between a busy schedule in Mumbai. Candice is married to kickboxing champion and personal fitness trainer Drew Neal and loves to sleep in his t-shirts!

What’s the most fashionable thing you’ve worn in bed?

A Rocky S cocktail dress after an event!

Whose bedside cabinet do you want to loot?

Without a doubt, Adriana Lima’s.

The most comfortable piece of clothing to sleep in is …?

My husband’s t-shirt.

Do you follow sleep hygiene?

I make sure that I sleep at least seven to eight hours.

Name a designer who would make the perfect nightwear ambassador.

Sanchita (Ajjampur).

Candice (right) is married to kickboxing champion and personal fitness trainer Drew Neal (left)

What do supermodels wear in bed?

Only pajamas because we’re too tired after work.

A relationship rule that you always follow?

Always express your love before bed.

A guilty pleasure?

Everything that is sweet and creamy.

Describe yourself in a hashtag.


Bedside stories

The last person you usually say goodnight to is?

My family. When I travel, it is my husband.

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

SMS my husband.

Which side of the bed do you prefer?

I’m always on the left.

Something that is always on your bedside table?

Water, my watch and my phone.

This or that?

Nightgown or shorts?


Cozy bed or coconut mattress?

Coconut mattress.

Dinner and TV in bed or eating right?

Eat properly.

Cotton or satin?


Bettee or breakfast in bed?

Both together!

From HT Brunch, October 24, 2021

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