In Bed With Akshay Oberoi: “On a date, do your best to be you”

Although he made his debut in Sooraj Barjatya’s Isi Life Mein in 2010, it was his turn as Nikki Singh, the troublesome son of a real estate tycoon in the dark and gritty 2017 thriller Gurgaonthat made Akshay Oberoi a force to reckon with in Bollywood.

“I was born and raised in the US. I wanted to be an actor, so I moved to India in 2008 due to lack of diversity in Hollywood,” he reveals. The actor who landed in Mumbai with a dream has turned it into reality. “I’m kind of living my dream. I’m married to the woman I love the most. I do the thing I love the most. I have a son whom I love to bits. This is my ideal universe!” says the actor who will be seen in Pavan Kriplani’s Gaslightwith Vikrant Massey and Sara Ali Khan.

What’s your one vice?

My obsession with espresso. I’ve spent way too much money on espresso machines—the manual ones I can take to sets—and I’m always trying to find the best way to make it.

One relationship rule you always follow?

honesty I know this can get difficult at times, but in the long run, the most successful relationships of any kind rest on honesty. One can do a million things wrong, but if you are honest enough with that person and yourself, it will always be successful.

If you were on Tinder, your bio would say?

I don’t have any ‘playboy’ skills. I’m awkward and can’t pick up on cues. So, it would read: “Ain’t got game, but certainly not lame”.

An advice while dating through apps?

When you actually meet the person, do your best to be you. Because that’s what’s missing when you see other people behind the screen.

A dating advice that never works for you?

To wear fancy clothes to a date. I remember back in the day, my friends would be like, “Arey accha jacket pehen ke yeah”, but I am a T-shirt, jeans and boots kind of guy!

A social media related term you learned recently?

I just found out what a thirst trap means. I’m still trying to figure what exactly counts as a thirst trap, I understand it’s ‘anything that is kind of sexy’. That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard!

A guilty pleasure?

Watching YouTube videos about something I am obsessed with at that point. I have an obsessive personality. I get obsessed with things for a while like with leather, geography, history, or even wars.

A lie you tell often?

Since I am shooting often, on days when I am not shooting and don’t want to meet somebody, I just tell them that I am shooting! It would really suck if someone reading this has picked up on it (laughs). But this is a great excuse; people believe it!

Bedside stories

What is the most personal item on your bedside table?

My phone charger, I think it’s a lifeline!

What is the first thing you do on waking up?

I give my son a kiss and wait for his smile.

What is your perfect idea for breakfast in bed?

Just that, breakfast in bed itself is a great idea. Dosa and an omelette—a killer combination!

The oddest place you have slept in?

In college, we had this big open field where we had parties. I slept all night on one of those lawns. When I woke up, there was no one around.

This or that?

Instagram or Twitter?


Tell a painful truth or a comforting lie?

Tell a painful truth.

Money or fame?


Web series or movies?


Sunsets or sunrises?


From HT Brunch, September 3, 2022

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