In Bed With Aaditi Pohankar: “I bagged an audition with an Instagram Reel”

Aaditi Pohankar has yet again impressed with her turn as Bhumi in she 2. The actor—who burst into the scene with her breakthrough role in the Marathi blockbuster Lai Bhaari in 2014—had landed the web series by bagging an audition from Imtiaz Ali. “I had made a Reel on Instagram, which was more like a moving folio, a film shot on a filming camera with proper pre-production!” she recalls.

Although she was a state-level runner, coming from a family of musicians, her uncle is Pandit Ajit Pohankar, she had a love for stage. “I started on this journey with a personal loss—my mother—when I was very young. I realized that to be heard I need to express myself and theater was the one medium for it,” she says. That lead her to Prithvi Theater and to Makarand Deshpande. She was a regular at his rehearsals and it became her classroom. She was spotted by the late Nishikant Kamat for Lai Bhaari during one such rehearsal.

The most fashionable thing you’ve worn to bed?

Jimmy Choo shoes. I went to a party and forgot to take them off after coming back home.

What sleepwear closet would you raid?

Kim Kardashian’s sleepwear closet for sure!

Your favorite sleepover memory?

The best part of these sleepovers would be written in slam books.

The incident that first made you realize you are famous?

I was eating panipuri at my regular panipuriwaala when I realized people were watching me eat. They wanted selfies while I was enlarged in my food!

The oddest place you have slept in?

A bathroom.

Any dating advice while using dating apps?

Make the guy pay for the meal! I’ve heard that these days guys make girls pay on their first date, especially if they have met through dating apps. Where is the chivalry? A gentleman should take the lady out!

Dating advice that never works for you?

‘Keep trying’. Go on a date, figure it out, if it doesn’t work, move on.

The most badass thing you’ve done?

I had scratched someone’s Mercedes once. Please don’t judge me! (laughs)

Describe yourself in hashtags.


Bedside stories

The first thing you do when you wake up?

Meditate for one hour every day.

Your favorite bed buddy?

my cat

Your favorite midnight snack?


One thing that is always on your bedside table?


Is there a recurring dream you had while growing up?

One: That I was swimming in the English Channel!

This or that

Instagram or Twitter?


Money or fame?

Both! They come hand in hand.

Ghar ka khaana or fine dining?

Ghar ka khana any day!

Instagram Reels or Stories?




From HT Brunch, July 9, 2022

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