In Bed Market Day

Cookbook author Julia Busuttil Nishimura has curated a bazaar of local produce and treats from Holy Crumpets, Sarafian Hummus, Wild Life Bakery and more.

It’s been a few months since luxe, loyally followed linen label In Bed opened its first Melbourne boutique – it feels like a visit to your fanciest friend’s house, with bedding, sleepwear and beautifully curated homewares. And for one day only, it’ll also be home to some great food and produce.

Julia Busuttil Nishimura, author of the books Ostro other A Year of Simple Family Foodhas teamed up with art director Stephanie Stamatis (you might recognize her as @stephanie_somebody on Instagram) to curate a marketplace filled with goodies from top Victorian farmers and producers.

Step inside for treats from Holy Crumpets, Sarafian Hummus, Wild Life Bakery, Hunted & Gathered Chocolate, Wild Life Bakery, Koji and Ko Miso, Ramarro Farm and more. Market Lane will be there to shout everyone a coffee, and you can also get signed copies of Nishimura’s cookbooks, fresh flowers, handmade ceramics and 100 per cent linen bedsheets, bath towels and tablecloths by In Bed.

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