Imran Khan first forced a 15-year-old boy to drink alcohol, then pushed him to bed and…

London: A UK court on Monday (April 11, 2022) found Conservative Party MP Imran Ahmed Khan guilty of sexually exploiting a 15-year-old boy. They have since been sent to jail. This is the case in 2008. Imran Khan was accused of forcing the minor to drink alcohol and then sexually exploiting her. After his conviction, Imran Khan has been expelled from the party by the Conservative Party with immediate effect. He has been an MP from The Wakefield seat in West Yorkshire since 2019.

The victim told the court that the MP forced her to drink alcohol, then pushed her to bed and forced her to watch pornography. While he was sleeping, Imran touched his legs and started touching his private parts. That scared him. The victim had told her parents about the incident. It was reported to the police at the time. But no action was taken because the victim did not want to complain formally. When she learned in 2019 that Imran Khan was going to stand in the Lok Sabha elections, she approached the Conservative Party. He made aware of what had happened to him. But the party didn’t take it seriously. In this election, the party won and Imran Ahmed Khan became an MP. The victim then formally lodged a complaint at the police station.

According to the report, MP Imran Khan is gay. In the court, he had claimed that he had touched the minor’s elbow. He said he was trying to be “kind” and “helpful” when discussing sexuality with her, but he got “upset” when he heard about the pornography. After nearly five hours of deliberations, Southwark Crown Court declared him guilty. Khan’s sentence will be pronounced at the next hearing.

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