I’m an interior expert – the area of your bed which is FULL of dirt & how to get it squeaky clean

SOME areas of your bed require a little extra TLC.

Bed expert Jonathan Warren from Time4Sleep revealed how to easily clean the two areas of your bed that are FULL of dirt.

One bed expert shared how to clean the dirtiest parts of your bed


One bed expert shared how to clean the dirtiest parts of your bedCredit: Getty

A statement headboard can add a real element of luxury to the home – but did you know that we should be cleaning them at least once a month?

Cleaning bed sheets is a given, but many forget to spruce up their headboard which can easily build up dirt, germs, and scalp oil, which over time can result in damage to the fabric and faded coloring.

A study by bed specialist Time4Sleep revealed that 40 percent of people polled are also unaware that they need to clean their mattress regularly, with a staggering 22 percent stating they have never attempted to clean it.


Warren advised checking the label on your headboard to find out what it’s made of before cleaning.

“The most common label found on upholstered fabric headboards is ‘W’ which means that the fabric can withstand water-based solvents or foam upholstery cleaners.”

“If you are looking to clean your headboard yourself, make sure to always trial a cleaning technique on an inconspicuous area first.”

The expert first suggested using a vacuum to clean dirt and dust from the headboard.

Once vacuumed, he said you can remove stains from the headboard by making a DIY upholstered fabric spray using lukewarm water and detergent.

“You will have the right amount of detergent when you see bubbles form in the water,” he said.

“Apply the solution to a cloth and work it into the stain, allow it to completely dry before vacuuming any residue – you can use a hairdryer to speed up the drying process too.”

To fight tougher stains, Warren suggested using a fabric cleaner.

Many hair products can leave behind grease stains, and the bed expert said the best way to tackle grease is by applying baking powder or baby powder to the area.

“After an hour, lightly brush the powder away and go in with your mild detergent and water solution before leaving to dry and vacuuming.”


Warren said mattress refurbishing is a super easy task.

First, he said to strip the dirty sheets from your bed and wash them in warm water to kill off any bacteria or germs.

To keep up with cleaning, he recommended washing your sheets every week or two.

To remove stubborn stains from the mattress, the bed expert suggested using a mixture of baking soda and cleaning spray.

“For stains, it’s best to invest in a mattress cleaning spray or a carpet cleaner and lightly spray over the affected area,” he said.

“Dab the stain from the outside in (so you don’t accidentally make the stain bigger) and leave the spray to work its magic before wiping away with a wet cloth.”

Following the spray, he said to sprinkle baking soda on the stain and let it sit for 24 hours.

After the wait is up, Warren recommended using your vacuum to easily pick up any lingering baking soda, dust, or dirt on your mattress.

“Make sure to wash your bedding frequently, use a mattress protector, and vacuum around your bed to help protect your mattress from building up unnecessary dirt and dust.”

Many forget to clean the headboard when changing their sheets


Many forget to clean the headboard when changing their sheetsCredit: Getty

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