I’m A Celeb fans dismayed as Naughty Boy goes to bed before dinner after row on ITV show

Viewers of the popular ITV reality show I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here! shared their dismay when Naughty Boy went to bed with no dinner after his second disagreement on the show.

The disagreement came when camp mates started cooking dinner during the show on Thursday after Coronation Street’s Simon Gregson and loyal EastEnders Adam Woodyatt won 11 stars on their trial.

Kadeena, 30, asked Naughty Boy, 36, if he wanted to cook and said, “You either want to cook or you don’t want to cook.”

He replied, “I don’t think hoes boil.”

The record producer later added, “Me and Kadeena agreed to cook, so I don’t understand why she just did it and then said to me.

Naughty Boy and Frankie Bridge had a disagreement over rice on Thursday episode of ITV's I'm A Celebrity
Naughty Boy went to bed without dinner after a disagreement over who was cooking

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“We won 11 stars and I was excited to work with Kadeena. And then Louise just starts chopping and says ‘someone can chop’ and then Louise just dropped the knife and walked away. “

Then Naughty left the room and said, “I don’t have the patience to be in this room if this were the real world … I would have gotten a cab now.”

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Naughty Boy said, ‘I don’t have the patience to be in this room if this were the real world … I would have gotten a cab now.’

Then he went to bed – much to the horror of the audience.

Fans quickly took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the encounter, as one wrote: “#NaughtyBoy is so annoying, he’s like a kid, ‘No, I don’t want to cook now, yes, I want to cook’ #ImACeleb get a grip #ImACelebrityGetMeOutOfHere waaaah I sulk in bed ffs. “

Another said: “#ImACeleb #naughtyboy went to bed without dinner.”

A third wrote: “#NaughtyBoy keeps going to bed without eating – no wonder his pants keep falling off. Will someone give him some rice pudding … I mean well-cooked rice? #ImACelebity #ImACeleb. ”

After Naughty Boy went to bed, his fellow campers discussed the difference of opinion.

Kadeena looked confused and admitted, “I don’t really know what happened to Naughty.”

Kadeena admitted she wasn’t sure what Naughty was getting on about

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Danny Miller said Naughty threw his toys out of the stroller.

She continued, “I’m not sure what he was upset about, but I’ll have a chat with him tomorrow and see if everything is okay.”

Emmerdale star Danny Miller then said, “Naughty went to bed. Somebody said something to him and he threw his toys out of the stroller and went to bed. “

At the end of the show, Naughty Boy was voted for by the public for the next trial.

I’m a celebrity … get me out of here! continues at 9 p.m. on ITV.


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