iite: Bed Colleges To Assess Own Papers | Ahmedabad News

Ahmedabad: The Indian Institute of Teacher Education (IITE) has announced that starting from this year, grant-in-aid BEd colleges affiliated with it will carry out paper assessment of their students on their own and send the assessment to the university which will announce the results. Not only that but after assessment, the colleges will show answer sheets to the students and only then the assessment will be sent to the university.
Traditionally, the assessment of answer sheets is a centralized process in all the universities which negates the chances of irregularities in paper assessment. At present, the answer sheets are sent to the university which sends it to different colleges randomly to assess them so that there are no irregularities. “We have taken this decision and we will soon be issuing a guideline. A day will be fixed when the students will be allowed to check their own assessed answer sheets and after that the assessment will be sent to the university,” said Harshad Patel, the vice-chancellor of IITE.
Sources in the university said that the management claims to have taken this decision to quicken the process of announcing the results but this is a controversial decision and can lead to irregularities in paper assessment and favouritism. Also, the teachers who are teaching in colleges affiliated to IITE have opposed the administration’s vacation schedule. The teachers demand that as per rules, the vacation schedule should not differ from other universities.


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