Icu Bed Occupancy Is At 30%, Oxygen Beds At 27% | Mumbai News

Mumbai: Despite the slight decline in cases, Saturday was still the city’s third day with over 20,000 cases. The negative growth in the daily detection rate in Mumbai has also slowed the state’s daily Covid graph, which rose 36.6% on Thursday and 12% on Friday.
BMC chief IS Chahal told TOI that cases in Mumbai could potentially stabilize as 20,000 cases were reported on day three. “But we have to wait and see the trend,” he said.
Comparing critical bed occupancy between the two waves, Ashwini Bhide, another municipal commissioner, cited that when Mumbai had 91,108 active cases during the peak of the Delta wave, 85% of the 9,946 oxygen beds and 96% of the ICU beds were occupied. In the current wave, 27% of the oxygen beds and 30% of the intensive care beds are occupied. She said there is no need to panic, but caution is advised.
Deaths in the state and in the city decreased. Maharashtra reported 13 deaths, bringing the total to 1,41,627, while Mumbai reported five deaths, bringing the total to 16,399.
Active cases in Mumbai touched a lakh (1.06.037), a mark it had never exceeded in the previous two waves.
However, the number of daily hospital admissions decreased by 10% compared to the previous day. Civil data showed that 1,257 of the 20,318 new cases required hospitalization, compared with 1,395 admissions the previous day. 108 patients had to be supplied with oxygen. 7,234 of 33,803 beds (21.4%) are currently occupied.
However, Mumbai’s positivity rate fluctuated around 28%. A state official said this was a sign that the city needed more testing. “The positivity rate should drop to 10%,” said the official.
For the third day in a row, there were a variety of state (9,671) and city (6,003) recoveries. The state’s cumulative Covid-19 number has hit 68.75.656, including 8.93.048 cases in Mumbai.
Epidemiologists had previously told TOI that a decrease in asymptomatic tests, as per national policy, could reduce the number of tests as well as the number of cases. BMC data showed that the percentage of asymptomatic patients was 82% on Saturday, down from 85% on Friday and 85% on Thursday. Dr. Om Srivastava, a member of the Covid task force, said it will also be known in some time whether restrictions played a role in slowing the cases. “We can see a sudden surge again too, so we have to be vigilant,” he said.


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