ICU bed occupancy and tests increase in Delhi, indicate rise in sickness- The New Indian Express

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NEW DELHI: On a day the city recorded 20,181 new COVID-19 cases, 1.02.965 were tested for the virus, the highest level since April last year, while the number of patients in intensive care beds rose to 279 on Saturday has increased, causing a rapid increase in the number of people who get sick and require hospitalization and extreme care.

According to doctors, those in intensive care beds suffered from comorbid illnesses. Many of them were also not vaccinated and some of them only had the first dose of the vaccine.

Doctors said the fatalities were mostly patients with conditions like cancer, kidney disease and HIV. “Most of the patients die from comorbidities rather than COVID, and most of the patients who died were diabetics,” said a senior doctor.

“The patients were in serious health before they became infected. They tested positive in hospitals when they came for other treatments and within their community, “said a doctor who treats COVID patients.

Delhi government is expanding bed facilities in hospitals and COVID care centers. On Saturday, Health Minister Satyender Jain said the government had decided to increase 5,650 beds and 2,075 intensive care beds in its 14 hospitals. “The situation is normal now, but the Delhi government is quick to make all preparations so that the situation does not worsen,” he said.

According to the health bulletin, a total of 1,586 hospital beds were occupied by COVID patients, including suspected patients. Of these, 279 were in intensive care, 375 on oxygen beds and 27 on ventilation beds.


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