I was crying on the bed and begging

When Urfi was

When Urfi ‘was forced into a lesbian scene’

Urfi Javed has been part of the acting world since 2016, but she became famous when she appeared on Karan Johar Bigg Boss OTT. Though Urfi’s trip on the show was short as she was the first candidate to be eliminated, it earned her many eyeballs. After the show, Urfi has become a social media sensation and is paparazzi pounded all over the place. Urfi is also known for her fancy and over-the-top fashion, but she makes sure she does something different every time.

Like everyone else, Urfi has had ups and downs, and once in an interview the actress recalled shocking incidents from her difficult time when she was “forced into a full-fledged lesbian scene” by her producer. Urfi revealed that she pleaded with her producer, but no one listened to her.

While interacting with Etimes, Urfi recalled, “They made me play a full-fledged lesbian scene. I cried on the bed and asked them not to make me do it because I couldn’t. I told them I did can’t do that. ” , and I’m sorry. But she kept threatening me that you signed a contract and that I would put you behind bars, etc. ”

the Bigg Boss OTT Fame added, “The producer took off my clothes and I begged her not to. She literally came and grabbed my scarf and I was just in my bra and the other girl had to take off her bra too.”

That’s not all, Ufi also recalled that in one of the scenes where the actor who played her brother-in-law on the show was supposed to be looking at her, but the producer turned the “look in touch”. Urfi further revealed that the producer tricked the guy into “touching my legs and asking him to pick up my saree so my underwear can be seen, etc.”

This isn’t the first time Urfi shares the ordeal of her troubled days. The actress has shared similar terrible incidents in various interviews and once she also revealed that she came from a conservative family and that her father did not allow her freedom.

On the labor front, Urfi was part of shows like Bigg Boss OTT before Bathing Bhaiyya Ki Dulhania, Meri Durga, Punchch Beat Season 2, and Aye mere humsafar.

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