I tried the TikTok hack on how to change your bed sheets and it’s a game changer

AN Irish mam has shared a genius hack to change your bed sheets if you struggle with the traditional way – and it’s a life changer.

Jade Moynihan, who posts on TikTok as jademoynihan1, shared a how-to on changing your sheets with a new method.

Jade shared the tutorial with her followers


Jade shared the tutorial with her followers

She lined up the camera so the bed is in good view and then explained the process to her followers.

Jade said: “I tried the Tiktok hack to dress my bed, I’m going to show you how to do it just in case you haven’t seen it.

“You want to put your sheet on your bed first and then you want to lay your quilt down inside out with the buttons to the bottom.

“Lay your quilt down on top and match the corner with the corner.

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“This is obviously easier with two people.

“Then you just want to start rolling them together, so roll one side then go to the opposite side of the bed and roll that side, and then keep doing that, keeping it tight.

“Then what you want to do is get where the buttons are and just fold that over the roll on both sides. This is why you need the buttons on the bottom.

“Then you start rolling it back.

“Obviously I’ll never understand the logic to it, but it works.”

Jade then revealed her beautifully made bed, saying: “it’s done”.

She also added an extra tip that helps keep the bed smelling amazing for days.

She said: “I mix a capful of fabric softener and water together in just any old spray bottle and I spray that on the bed and it keeps it fresh for longer.”

Some people in the comments however said that this method looks even more difficult than the traditional way.

One person said: “that looks like so much more work.”

Jade replied: “I knew people would say this, it’s so easy when there’s two people.”

Another commented: “Not gonna lie. That looks like more effort.”

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