I ordered my son a PS5 for Christmas but when he opened the box all he found was a DOG BED

A mother shared how her son’s Christmas party was ruined when he opened the box of his PS5 to see that Amazon had sent a DOG BED instead.

Rebecca French of Cambridgeshire burst into tears when her nine-year-old son George made the discovery on Christmas morning.

The French family were heartbroken when young George was given a dog bed instead of a PS5


The French family were heartbroken when young George was given a dog bed instead of a PS5Photo credit: Rebecca French
Rebecca had ordered the console from Amazon


Rebecca had ordered the console from AmazonPhoto credit: Rebecca French

She had ordered the coveted console from Amazon and when it arrived she had no suspicion that the console had been replaced with a doggie pillow.

Rebecca told Sun Online, “I ordered the Playstation on September 23rd.

“It came and because the kids were coming home from school around that time, I just took it from the driver and pawed it away.

“When I got the chance, I opened the outer packaging and put it away for Christmas Day.

“Nothing from the outside of the packaging to the actual exterior of the PS5 box indicated that it was wrong. Nothing wrong with the seals or anything. “

But when young George, who had been looking forward to playing F1, opened the gift on Christmas morning, the family was confused by its contents.

The mother of two continued, “It came on Christmas morning and there was a little note on his PS5 saying that elves had created magic to get him the console because it was so hard to come by.

“He only got a few other small gifts because the PS5 was obviously so valuable – so he left it until the end.

“He unpacked it and was very excited and brought the box into the back room, where we were going to put it.

“Then we opened the box and it was full of a dog bed.

“It was just heartbreaking because he was told that elves helped get the PS5.

“Everything we tried to do as parents – to give him that magic – just crashed.

“I didn’t know whether to lie on the floor or cry. I was crying and it was the first time he saw me cry.

“He took care of me all day, which I couldn’t be more proud of.”

Rebecca says Amazon couldn’t explain why or how the new dog bed was replacing the £ 500 game console.

She said, “As soon as it happened I called on Christmas Day and got a pretty quick response

“The call operator was very helpful and said she would present it and I would hear back shortly.

“But then we got an email stating that they fully understood my request and that they are sorry that I received the wrong item – but that the return window was not active, so they are doing nothing could.

“I’ve been on an online chat since then and finally got a refund.

“But it took almost two hours on the phone to get it and they forced us to return the dog bed before we could get the refund.”

Rebecca and husband Dave managed to get their son another PS5 from Currys using a credit card they received.

Rebecca explained, “Curries delivered the new, but it was more the fact that we had to watch magic tear from our child.

“It was just the fact that our sweet son had to find out on Christmas Day that there are really terrible people. It was heartbreaking. “

“All he wanted to do was play F1 and be Lando Norris.

“I tweeted him because you never know I just want to regain some magic for my son.”

The Sun has asked Amazon for a comment.

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