I Got A Sneak Peek Of Dave & Buster’s Bed & Breakfast Pop-Up And It’s Every Gamer’s Dream

Dave & Buster’s built a Bed & Breakfast in a matter of two days at Miami’s Dolphin Mall, and a lucky contest winner gets to bring friends and not only stay there overnight but play endless games.

The contest went from June 20-July 1. Tomorrow, the lucky winner is bringing three friends for the ultimate gamer’s sleepover.

When they first get to the pop-up, they’ll be escorted back to the showroom, where they enter a fun neon hallway.


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Just beyond the “Ding Ding Ding!” Decorated drapes, there are three gaming-themed beds and robes.

A personal bartender and chef will be available for the friend group and they will get unlimited drinks and new food items all night!

Once they’ve tried the delicious libations, they can walk down with their Dave & Buster’s card to the play area where they have a chance to play a life-size Pac-Man game, Dance Dance Revolution as well as two motorcycle simulation games.

The arcade games inside the B&B.The arcade games inside the B&B.Jenna Kelly | narcity

When the winners get too tired of playing, they can jump onto one of the fluffy cushion chairs that are placed in the corner of the lounge.

From “Player 1” to “Player 4” decor all around the exciting pop-up, it’s the best backdrop to snap a photo for social media.

If the Instagrammable decorations weren’t enough, they even have a blow-up hot tub to relax in.

The participants aren’t confined to the bed and breakfast either. Their cards work for any on the main floor, and they’ll get to use them at any arcade location until their points run out.

It truly is every gamer’s dream!


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