Huge relief for B.Ed students! B.Ed. will not be closed before this year, check details

What can be seen as a great relief for the B.Ed students, a report from found that the private colleges offering B.Ed courses will not be affected by the new educational policies that are coming into the system will be from the next meeting.

In the new education policy, instead of independent BE universities, the focus is on taking up BE studies or integrated courses of study at state universities. In such a situation it is said that private or independently operated B.Ed. Colleges or courses will be closed, but these colleges and such courses will not close for the next 9 years, i.e. until 2030.The one-year integrated B.Ed course starts at state universities during this time.

The report from said that there will only be private universities with a 4-year integrated course.

TMBU College Inspector Dr. Sanjay Kumar Jha said the new education policy will close private B.Ed colleges and two-year B.Ed courses. Private B.Ed. universities and two-year B.Ed courses will be closed in 2030. If private B.Ed. universities want to start a 4-year integrated course, there is the possibility that they continue to exist, otherwise only 4 one-year integrated B.Ed course will be carried out at state universities.

The 2030 deadline is set in such a way that precautions are taken beforehand to better carry out the 4-year integrated B.Ed course. In order to create a better alternative to private B.Ed universities, one-off B.Ed universities will not be closed either.


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