How to prepare your bedroom for winter

Winter brings with it colder temperatures, shorter days, and somewhat less sunshine, making it the perfect time to stay in and relax. Also this is the perfect season to spend more time indoors, curled up in bed with a good book or watching a movie. It’s important to get enough restful sleep so your body doesn’t become overtired because the flu tends to spread more quickly in the winter months. Wintertime is a crucial time for this.

Here are some tips for getting your bed ready for sleep during the winter.

Curb Your Exposure to Artificial Light

Melatonin is a hormone that helps regulate your sleeping patterns. The hormone levels are affected by exposure to light, both natural and artificial. Due to shorter and foggy days in winter, we tend to use more artificial lights indoors, which affected the melatonin production—especially the blue-spectrum light emitted by TVs, computers, and other electronic devices. To counter this, you should consider reducing your exposure to screens at least an hour before bed, and dimming bedroom light well before you want to go to sleep.

Buy a Comfortable Mattress

The average lifespan of an individual person is 80 years, of which 26 are spent in sleeping. To ensure restful sleep, it’s important to choose the right mattress. Various modern options are available, such as orthopedic mattresses with orthopedic springs, hybrid memory foam, and certified health foam. These mattresses guarantee comfortable sleep during the winter months.

In winters, many in the middle-aged and elderly demographic may experience increasing stiffness and soreness in our muscles and joints, particularly when we go to sleep or wake up in the morning. Such discomfort can be further exacerbated if our mattress fails to provide adequate support or fails to adapt to our body’s contour, weight, and temperature. Thus, it is essential that we invest in a bed that provides maximum comfort and support – one that will mold itself to our individual needs.

Add extra layers to your bed

As the cold winter season sets in, it is not uncommon for many people – especially those of middle-age and beyond – to experience stiffness and soreness in their muscles and joints, often most noticeable when they go to sleep or wake up in the morning . This discomfort can only become more pronounced if their mattress fails to provide adequate support or adjust to their body temperature. It is essential for anyone seeking a good night’s rest that they invest in a bed that can adapt to their contour, weight, and shape – one that offers the most comfort and support possible.

Purchase a right pillow

If you regularly wake up with neck pain, you are not using a good quality pillow to effectively support your neck, head and shoulders while sleeping. Winter is a great time to buy new foam pillows or replace old, rough pillows. It will be useful for a good night’s sleep.

Now is the time to give your bed a cozy finish so it’s ready for winter. Spread a knit blanket over the foot of the bed and place a few soft pillows over your head. Immediately add an extra rug under the bed if your floor has hardwood, tile, or another hard floor to keep your toes from getting cold in the morning. Don’t forget that materials like wool, velvet and faux fur are ideal for winter decor.

Add textures

Adding textures helps your bedroom a more winter like appearance and feel. Change your window treatments to include thicker materials such as insulated drapes. This type of fabric will help to keep the cold air near your bedroom windows and trap it in place. You can also add a thicker decorator such as a heavy linen, faux suede fabric as a layer to your window treatments for the ultimate cozy, warmth

Use rugs carpets for floor

If you have a marble, stone or hardwood floor in your bedroom, you can keep a cozy rug or carpet to keep your feet warm when you get out of bed. Choose a warm color such as a red or orange to coordinate with your other bedroom colors. You can also use faux fur rug. It gives a luxurious feel.

(The writer is Executive Director, Springfit Mattress)


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