How to Make Your Bed Like You’re at a 5-Star Hotel

Since it is still very difficult to travel these days, who wouldn’t want to experience the feel of a luxury hotel? Making the bed can seem a chore, but it’s hard to deny that it can really freshen up the look of your bedroom.

If you want to take this task to the next level, you need to design your bed the way hotels do. They’re clean, wrinkle-free, and pristine in every way, and it’s actually a lot easier to peel off than you think.

Make your bed like in a luxury hotel

To help us on our bed-making journey, we’ve got some tips from Kate Henderson, the Duty Manager at the Daffodil Hotel.

1. Flat sheet over fitted sheet

The first step may seem controversial, but stick with me. Henderson says we need to get rid of our fitted sheets and get all flat.

When do you ever see a fitted sheet in a hotel bed? If you choose a plain sheet, you can easily create a “hospital corner pleat”. And it’s that simple:

  • Lift the edge of the sheet to make a 45 degree angle with your mattress.

  • Pull and tuck the hanging fabric under the mattress

  • You can do this with your comforter too; simply lift up and stow away.

As someone who has sworn off the top sheets, I find this hard to swallow, but I take it in the name of 5-star luxury.

2. Use water on your bed to remove wrinkles

Let’s face it, no one has time to iron all the creases out of their sheets before making the bed. To get that crisp and clean, wrinkle-free look that hotels inspire, all you need is a little scented water, according to Henderson:

Another tip is to relax unwanted wrinkles with a little scented water. Just splash your water (plain old tap water) on your almost-made bed (keep the corners out) and spray and shake your sheet or duvet until it’s smooth and wrinkle-free.

3. Wrap your pillow

One of the best parts of a hotel bed is the range of perfectly plump pillows. Here’s how they do it, according to Henderson:

Pillows are crucial when you are making your bed. Many pillowcases are too big for the pillows, so wrap your pillowcases and make sure they fit nicely and neatly. Thats is quite easy:

  • Slide the excess material from the opening into the pillowcase

  • Grab the other side and wrap the remaining sleeve to form a neat sleeve shape

  • If possible, add two pillows in a pillowcase for more fullness.

4. Luxury added on top

To complete your 5-star bed, consider placing a folded blanket or blanket under the bed. Henderson even suggests adding a few extra goodies to yourself to really mimic the hotel feel:

To finish your bed, be sure to put a folded throw on the floor and give it a final splash of scented water. For an extra hotel touch, treat yourself to a chocolate on the pillow as a cheeky snack before going to bed.

It’s not your average bed making, but these simple steps should definitely help bring a bit of luxury to your home.

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