How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Permanently, According To An Expert

Bed bugs appear as small black dots on your mattress or other furniture in your home. They prey on unsuspecting victims while they sleep and quickly grow in both individual size and group volume. There are several ways in which you can end up with an infestation. “Bed bugs can move between units in apartments and multi-unit complexes, but they must be transported into a house,” says Sherrer.

He continues, saying, “These pests are almost always brought into your home either on your clothes or baggage from a place you have visited or stayed. They also can be brought in via second-hand furniture and bedding.” This means that if you’re not careful about the items you bring in, you might inadvertently invite bed bugs into your property, wreaking havoc on your lifestyle, health, and sleep.

Moreover, inspecting furniture and clothing with a keen eye isn’t enough to completely remove the threat of bed bugs entering your home. They are tiny critters and incredibly adept at hiding. Sherrer notes: “Once infested items are moved into your house then the bugs quickly move into tiny cracks and crevices and wait until you are asleep at night to seek you out.”

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