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How to buy bedding for couples with different tastes

Published on November 30, 2021

The Christmas season is in full swing. Even though the head of all festivals, Diwali, has come and gone, we are still heading towards Christmas and New Years. And what could be nicer than booking 2021 with gifts for your closest friends?

Unless your closest friends are a couple with completely different tastes. One has an extroverted personality while the other is a couch potato. One likes strong colors and kitschy vacation films, the other is calmer when it comes to choosing colors, clothes, books and films. Giving them a gift for couples is always a chore – and it doesn’t get any easier to gift them with online bed linen.

Go for a middle ground

If one half of the couple is into muted colors while the other half is into bright, warm colors like orange, it can be a bit of a problem to choose linens online that satisfy one but might alienate the other. Ditto for one half of the equation who likes geometric prints or plain linen, while the other half likes floral or ethnic motifs only. The problem is made worse if one prefers fitted sheets while the other likes flat cotton Bedsheet. Then the question of the preferred material also arises.

When the couple has such contrasting tastes, you have no choice but to strike a safe middle ground that is a good gift for both of them. We encourage you to choose luxury designer cotton sheets from premium brands, in a color that appeals to both and in a design that is neither over the top nor too sober. Choose a double bed for your bed unless you sleep on two single beds. In the latter case, single sheets are better and easier to buy for each person – you can choose the color and pattern that the end user is most likely to appreciate.

Contrast, within reason

The easiest thing to do is to buy a sheet and dohar / comforter set for two, each of which will please the recipient. But if you’d rather just give the couple a bedding set, then you have to offer a contrast between the different bedclothes, but within reason.

For example, you can choose a bed sheet with a bold color and design, while buying a dohar or duvet in a muted shade. You can even buy two individual comforters in the colors and designs that you like. Complete the set with two different bed runners, one for each type of user. But contrast the bedding so that it doesn’t detract from the design feel of the users and their bedroom.

Singles might be a better idea for blankets. Some couples do not prefer to use the same double room comforter or Dohar, especially if you are a restless sleeper who probably tosses and turns at night. Some people snore while they sleep, causing their partner to take their blanket and sleep elsewhere for the rest of the night. Or one is a “blanket puller” – that person takes the entire blanket off when they turn on their side in bed and suddenly lets the other go free while they sleep. However, make sure the couple use individual blankets before gifting them with individual dohars or comforters.

How to buy bed linen online

Buying comforters and sheets online is one of the easiest things to do. In bed sheet online shops you get a lot of variety, regardless of whether you want a single or double version. Not to mention the variety of colors, designs and materials

We encourage you to buy designer bed linen from high quality bedding brands online. They make great gifts and will last for years

Always choose 100% cotton sheets, whether you are buying for yourself or as a gift for someone else. Cotton is the best material for bedding. It won’t overheat, is easy to clean and maintain, and will last for years if washed regularly in cold water and a good quality soap. If the manufacturer lists unique washing and care properties, be sure to pass these on to the recipient when you send them the bed linen online

We also recommend buying anti-viral and air-purifying bed linen as gifts. The antiviral variant can kill over 99% of infectious germs and viruses, including the dreaded coronavirus. This is how they protect you while you sleep. The air-purifying sheets trap harmful greenhouse gases and keep your immediate surroundings free of harmful pollutant gases that you would unknowingly breathe while sleeping. These are the most thoughtful gifts that will show the recipient that you care about their health and well-being.

How do you buy bedding for couples with different tastes? Tell us in the comments below.

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