Househunter’s shock at studio flat where bed is in a cupboard inches from the oven -…

31 January 2023, 16:08

Rachel Kitcat found the property on Rightmove

Rachel Kitcat found the property on Rightmove.

Picture: Tiktok

A househunter has shared her shock at finding a shoebox studio property in London where the bed is hidden in a cupboard, and the rent is nearly £1,400 per month.

Rachel Kitcat posted the video on TikTok after finding the property in Pimlico, in central London on the Rightmove website.

“Guys, just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse,” she told her followers while scrolling through photos on the £1,387 per month property with her face overlaid.

She said: “Buying a property in London is out of the question so I’m going on the rental market now, and yes you’re probably thinking ‘do you know what it’s not looking half bad’, it’s fairly modern.

“Other side of the studio, wardrobes are fairly new, got a nice little table over here where you can eat your dinner.”

Photos of the property on the listing show the flat looking clean and modern.

But Rachel continued: “Hey f***ing presto, bing bang bosh, open the wardrobe and there’s your bed.

“Imagine this, you’re laying here after a one night stand. Bosh, your bloke hits your head on the f***ing door.

“Bosh, I hit my head on the other, but fear not – if you just edge towards the end of the bed right here I can get you your fresh chicken nuggets at 4am in the morning.

“Well worth fourteen-hundred quid if you ask me.”

The bed in the flat is in a cupboard

The bed in the flat is in a cupboard.

Picture: Tiktok

Rachel, 25, from Woking in Surrey, uploaded the video with the caption: “The wardrobe bed sent me over the edge.”

The video has been watched thousands of times, and commenters reacted with weary cynicism.

One said: “Worst part is landlord will find someone to rent it at this price”.

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Another added that they didn’t know “who’s more delusional, the agents that write the descriptions or the people that actually rent places like this”.

A third said: “This shouldn’t even be legal.”

But another commenter thought the price was fair, commenting: “Tbf it is Pimlico? So central! Other London locations are more affordable”.


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