Hotel owner hits back at claims couple were “eaten alive” by bed bugs during stay

The owner of a Blackpool hotel has beaten back claims that a couple were “eaten alive” by bedbugs while they were there – and insisted that she was just trying to pay their bill.

The two-star family-run Hotel Roker on the New South Promenade is rated # 845 out of 898 B & Bs in Blackpool and costs around £ 30 a night on average, including breakfast and wifi.

In a Blackpool Nightmare Holidays group, Charlotte May recently shared her experience of staying at the Roker Hotel last week (November 14th), reports Lancs Live.

She claims that both she and her family were “eaten alive” during their stay and raised concerns with the owner about the level of cleanliness.

The owner has denied there were bed bugs on the property.

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Of the 267 reviews, 19 rate the B&B, which has free parking and an Italian restaurant, as “Excellent”, while 32 rate it as “Very good”. However, 175 reviews describe the B&B as “awful”.

Charlotte said: “The dangers were not a problem for other guests, but all rooms were open with towels. The beds were only re-made for the next arrival, not changed, dirty towels and sheets, food on the floor, bed bugs and God knows what else? but Covid probably wouldn’t even have entered this building! And no bottle of bleach or washing powder either! “

She added that the family was billed at the beginning of the stay but was refunded by the owner.

Photos shared by Charlotte appear to show food behind the bed, mold on the walls, brown stains on bedding, outdated PAT tests, and doors slammed open from towels on the floor.

The couple say there was leftover food on the mattress

In a video also recorded and shared by Charlotte, one can see that small black bugs have accumulated under the buttons of the mattress.

When she lifts the button, Charlotte can be heard saying, “Today is November 14th and they’re jumping. But there aren’t any bed bugs here, are there? And we were all bitten by them.”

She also shared a photo of her partner’s stomach, which appeared to be covered in bite marks.

Charlotte wouldn’t be the first to accuse the hotel of having bed bugs.

Another guest, who left a review on TripAdvisor in November, said: “The morning after we arrived, my wife and I were bitten by bed bugs, as were our friends who went with us. They were in a different room on a different floor. When approached about the bed bug issues the owner said it was not bed bugs but an allergy to the bedding which we said is unlikely all 4 of us will have the same problem, the owner said he would go and check the rooms. “

Charlotte says she took this picture of a wall at The Roker

Alison M, a second guest who left a review on TripAdvisor, said: “Should stay 2 nights. Could only stay 1. Room cold, damp to the touch, poor condition. Bed bugs found on first morning – luckily not in slept on this bed “(family room with 3 beds, only 2 of us). Owner rude for sending emails since then. “

Charlotte told LancsLive that she had reported the hotel to both environmental and commercial standards.

The manager of the Roker Hotel Roberto told LancsLive: “You could see at the beginning that they were just looking for an excuse not to pay, people are always looking for an excuse not to pay.

“It was very clear that they just wanted to stay free. We have been in this business for 20 years, we are confident we have regular customers who come by pretty often.”

Roberto believed that guests “find excuses” not to pay the cost of their stay. He said “everything else is fine”.

Charlotte says that was the bed at The Roker

The Roker confirmed that Charlotte has received a refund for her stay, adding, “The reality is that we are a two star hotel and we charge very cheaply. At this hotel we give them everything, breakfast and parking, for £ 30. If we say we’re the Hilton or something, we’re a two-star hotel. “

When asked about the alleged bed bugs, Roberto said they had problems “a long time ago” and spent over £ 1,200 to “make sure everything was okay”. He is currently denying evidence of bed bugs on the premises.

Blackpool accommodations have been scrutinized in recent months following an “endless stream of vacation disasters” during the summer season.

While the winter season continues and tourists visit the resort to enjoy the illuminations and events on the boardwalk, Blackpool B & Bs still see visitors from all over the country.

Comment was requested from Blackpool Council but we received no response before the deadline.


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