Hospitalisations up 15% in 4 days, Mumbai in bed dash | India News

MUMBAI: Daily Covid hospital admissions in Mumbai have increased 15% in the past four days while the number of cases has increased sharply. The city-operated jumbo centers are battling against time to add beds, while private hospitals have started converting many of their non-Covid wards back into Covid sections.
574 people were admitted to various city hospitals on Monday, up from 503 on Sunday, 389 on Saturday and 497 on Friday. Some hospitals have started seeing spikes in hospital admissions, including many direct with low oxygen saturation. The BMC’s Monday numbers showed that 12.2% (3,735) of the 30,565 Covid-19 beds in Mumbai are occupied. 14% of the 2,720 intensive care beds are occupied. The city has seen an increase in cases in the past two weeks, and an increase in critical cases can typically be seen from the second or third week.
A lion’s share of the city’s Covid beds are in the public sector. As on Monday, the private sector only had 5,192 Covid beds, of which 838 (16%) regular beds and 180 (3%) intensive care beds were occupied. At the Nesco Jumbo Center in Goregaon, daily admissions have increased from seven on December 26th to almost 120 on Monday. Of the 1,172 beds that were ready, around 510 beds were occupied by noon on Monday. Dean Dr. Neelam Andrade said they plan to activate all 2,738 beds by January 10 and hire medical staff every day.
The occupancy rate in the intensive care unit has risen from five to a week to 20, which means that 42% of the 48 beds are occupied. “Patients need oxygen assistance, but no one is on a mechanical ventilator,” she said.
The Richardson and Cruddas Jumbo Hospital in Mulund accepts between 70 and 90 patients a day. Dean Dr. Pradeep Angre said until a week ago that they had allowed half the number. Ten of the 60 beds in the intensive care unit are currently occupied.


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