Hospital bed occupancy increases in Delhi, but not at same pace as deadly April 2021 wave

In the past 15 days, the city’s Covid bed occupancy has increased 2.5 times, despite the fact that the number of active cases has increased almost 28 times.

The number of active cases in Delhi stood at 14,889 as of Tuesday.

When the second wave began in the city in April 2021, the proportion of hospital admissions was higher.

According to the available data, at the beginning of the second wave on April 4, after a clear gap, there were last more than 14,000 active cases in Delhi. At this point in time, a total of 2,975 hospital beds were occupied.

Currently, 9,042 beds are reserved for Covid patients in Delhi. Of these, 531 were occupied with Covid-positive and suspect patients. That number was 197 a fortnight ago.

According to a senior health ministry official, the fact that a significant portion of Delhi’s adult population has been vaccinated is a factor in the lower hospitalization rate this time around. “We have seen people who have been vaccinated around the world experience milder symptoms of a breakthrough infection. The symptoms in patients infected with the Omicron variant are also milder, as can be seen worldwide. These patients also heal faster, ”the officer said.

However, the number of ventilated patients doubled within 24 hours. It was reported that seven patients were given ventilators on Monday, and that number rose to 14 on Tuesday.

As the number of people admitted to hospitals increases every day, the Delhi government has ordered all private hospitals and nursing homes in the city to have a total bed capacity of 50 or more beds, at least 40% of their total bed capacity (40% of beds on wards and 40% of beds in the intensive care unit) for Covid patients.

A similar order was issued during the deadly second wave of Covid. The orders were withdrawn after the number of cases decreased in August.

According to senior health ministry officials and doctors, most patients currently being hospitalized have mild or no symptoms.

Among those who tested positive on Tuesday was Delhi Prime Minister Arvind Kejriwal. “I have tested positive for Covid. Mild symptoms. Isolated myself at home. Those who have contacted me in the past few days please isolate themselves and get tested, ”he tweeted.


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