Holidaymakers spotted in mad dash during 6am sun bed wars in Spain

After two years of coronavirus pandemic in which holidays were either off the cards or sun loungers kept apart by strict social distancing rules, the battle for the sunbeds is finally back on

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TikToker spectates ‘sun-bed wars’ at Spanish hotel poolside

Summer has not yet officially started, but already the deckchair wars have begun.

With the sun now shining happily away and temperatures across the UK well into the 20Cs, it feels like a long, hot summer is just around the corner.

Those looking to make the most of a post-lockdown summer with a trip away somewhere even hotter are well advised to remember that there are downsides to the all inclusive experiences.

Especially in busy resorts at tourist favorite destinations like Gran Canaria and Mallorca.

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Getting a prime pool spot is no mean feat


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A classic sign of a British-packed hotel is the early morning dash to reserve a sun bed – and it can quickly turn into a full-blown sun bed battle.

A TikTok user recently captured the bizarre habit on camera and shared the footage online – causing a lot of belly laughs.

Social media user, Julie Marie Larsson, captioned the video: “Holidays in Spain. Sun bed was at 6am.”

In the clip, the pool area of ​​a hotel could be seen covered in dozens of sun loungers.

Guests in shorts and t-shirts could be seen sprint walking across the decking to place their towels on their preferred beds.

Holidaymakers were videoed rushing full pelt towards the deckchairs



Nothing was going to stop them putting their towels down



With a catchy tune playing in the background people ran down the steps to throw their beach towels on the seats closest to the pool or bar.

Julie went on to highlight another classic British all-inclusive moment – ​​“pool aerobics all day”.

Unusually, the sport was conducted by an instructor in a bright pink wig and a tutu.

In the comments, people laughed at the bizarre video.

“This is mayhem of a vacation, OMG,” wrote a shocked non-Brit.

While a commenter giggled: “My dad always got up at 7 am and did this.”

And a third noted: “I get flashbacks!”

When asked why people got up at 6am, a Brit replied: “They put their towels there when it opens, then leave, maybe to sleep more/eat, and come back later in the day and take the sun bed.”

Another asked why people go on all-inclusive holidays, to which Julie noted: “Because it’s cheap!”

It is clear from the number of videos posted online of the early morning dash for a lounger that the sunbed wars have begun in proper for 2022.

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