Historic hotel now a bed and breakfast

BROADWATER, Neb. (KOLN) – Right along Highway 26 in Broadwater, you’ll find The Farm House Bed and Breakfast. It could be the perfect rest stop for your journey west.

Marlene Yeager is the owner of the bed and breakfast. She is very connected in town, and knows quite a bit about local history. She also operates a second bed and breakfast in the Morrill County community. In this story, we find out about both businesses. But first, we are focusing on The Farm House. “It used to be a hotel that was built around 1909 to 1915,” Yeager said. “It was built when Broadwater was becoming a town, because of the railroad coming through. The railroad had come as far as Lisco. We had some Smith Brothers in the area at that time. You have to remember, this was just prairie then. The Smith Brothers had land and cattle. They had the foresight to think they could build a little town here. They donated some land for the town, and we could be sitting where their feed lots were, for all we know.”

By 1920, there were 600 people in the town of Broadwater. The old hotel has experienced several owners through the years. One owner was a hair stylist who also ran the building as a sort of boarding house. “The stairway that you see when you come in is reversed from its original location,” Yeager said. “Daisy who ran the beauty shop was upset when people came in, walked upstairs and got a room, and didn’t pay. She had her husband switch the stairs around.”

Yeager eventually decided to buy the building. “My husband thought it was a crazy idea,” Yeager said. “But, bed and breakfasts were starting to be heard of, and I thought, why not? There are six rooms upstairs. I created a lounge, a mini-kitchen, and there is even a deck upstairs. I have lots of hunters in the fall.” Yeager says her guests like her banana bread, and she often serves breakfast casseroles with coffee.

The second bed and breakfast she owns is on the other side of town. “In 2018, we had a gentleman pass away,” Yeager said. “If you have ever heard of ‘Herbie the Love Bug’, Herbie was born in Broadwater, and this gentleman created him. His name was Warren Hathaway. When he passed away, his daughter came back and the house was put on auction. I hadn’t anticipated buying it, but I put a bid in. I purchased the home, and made some renovations to that house as well.” If you would like to reach Marlene Yeager, her business is found on Facebook, and she is on Air B & B. But she says much of her business comes from word of mouth. Just look for the big chicken out front at The Farm House Bed and Breakfast the next time you are in Broadwater. And remember if that bed and breakfast is full, she has another property for you to try in town.

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