Here’s How Often You Should Be Vacuuming Under The Bed

Once a week is a good metric to keep in mind when it comes to vacuuming under the bed, Michael Barnett of Black + Decker suggests (per Apartment Therapy). This schedule will ensure you don’t need to deep-clean often and will also prevent dirt from accumulating.

All you need to do the job well are a vacuum cleaner and an extension wand — if your vacuum cleaner doesn’t come with one. If you have a robot vacuum at home, your job just became a lot easier. You don’t even have to be in the same room to clean the floor and it fits perfectly under the bed (via Rescue My Time Cleaning Service). Alternatively, you could try moving your entire bed — if possible — and vacuuming the surface, to avoid putting unnecessary stress on your back from bending to reach under the bed.

The conventional broom, handy duster, good old hair dryer, and even a mop are good substitutes if you don’t own a vacuum.

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