Here’s an updated Moses for a life that is no bed of roses

Bachi Karkaria

Bachi Karkarias Erratica and his cheeky sign-off character Alec Smart have had a growing following since 1994, when the column started in the metropolis on Saturday. LESS MORE

Since New York resolutions only survive as long as a mayfly, let’s try the 10 commandments, which were carved on two stone tablets and allegedly given to Moses by God himself. This led to a joke at a time when you weren’t getting stoned by every Tomar, Dick, and Haroun just because your “feelings” were as sensitive as gum problems. It went, “Who was the most constipated man in the Bible? Moses for taking two pills and spending 40 days in the wilderness. ‘

Jokes aside, the biblical commandments are fundamental principles that should be enshrined in all constitutions – even those that are smoother than those of the gut-challenged prophet. Optimized, they speak directly to our hyper-divine times.

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