Help sought getting comfortable bed for 9-year-old girl awaiting bone marrow transplant in fight against leukemia

MINNEAPOLIS — A call for help for a family dealing with a 9-year-old girl fighting leukemia.

Doctors diagnosed Razyia Burton when she was 3 years old. The cancer went into remission, but now it’s back.

“Razyia is probably the strongest kid I know,” said Aminga Burton, Razyia’s mother.

Burton’s face lights up when she talks about her daughter.

“That’s my little world… She is everything to me,” Burton said.

Her baby girl is once again fighting leukemia.

“Right now, we are in the process of doing chemo … within a month so, we’ll have a bone marrow transplant,” Burton said.

Razyia’s stay at Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis will end soon, and when she returns home, her mom wants her to be comfortable.

“She needs something fluffy and comfortable and soft in her own little space, so she doesn’t bump or hit anything,” Burton said. “I’m scared she might hurt herself when she comes home.”

Burton is part of A Mother’s Love program called Sister Helping Sister. They provide mothers with parenting classes and offer resources to make the lives of them and their children better.

“When I say they come to the rescue, they come to the rescue,” Burton said. “They surrounded me with so much love.”

Don Ester Morris, of A Mother’s Love, says they’re working to set the family up with a comfortable bed, curtains and rugs.

“You know, she’s going to be home for a while,” Morris said.

Razyia faces 130 days of isolation before her transplant, something her mother says, because of all this support, she faces with a smile.

“She is in pain constantly, she lost her hair, she half the time can’t eat, half the time can’t sleep, but she keeps a smile on her face,” Burton said.

Sister Helping Sisters provides support for over 50 women in the Minneapolis area.

If you’d like to help Razyia and her family, click here.


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