Helix mattresses review: A bed for every sleeping position


Helix sleep

Helix stands out from the rest Bed in a box mattress pack because it has an extensive product catalog and offers a personalized sleep quiz that matches you with the perfect Helix mattress. It basically has a bed for every sleeping position and body type. The brand is really versatile and inclusive in that sense. No matter who you are or what you are looking for, there is a great chance you will find something that suits your body and sleep preferences.

This Helix mattress review gives an overview of the different Helix mattresses on offer and who each model is most suitable for, including its core models, Luxe mattress models and Helix Plus.

To like

  • All degrees of firmness from soft to firm for all sleeping positions
  • It has a sleep quiz to help you choose the right bed for you
  • Hybrid construction adapts to all body types
  • Helix Plus option for those with plus size body types
  • Fair price for the basic Helix models

Don’t like

  • Helix Luxe models are a bit expensive
  • No foam version of the hybrid models

First impressions

Basic models: I’ve found that the six Core Helix mattress models are pretty similar and share many of the same characteristics. Their constructions are 12 inches thick with little to no difference; they all have the same thing mattress feel, but their firmness and support are slightly different. Some are more pressure relieving, some more firm mattresses. You can find an ultra-plush Helix bed or the firmest one from the company, hence why I say they are so versatile. In terms of value, these are probably the best bang for your buck.

Luxe models: The Luxe models go one step further with an even thicker, higher quality design. If you compare the Helix Midnight model with its mattress counterpart Luxe side by side, the difference is easy to see. Not only do they look pretty, but they also feel different to the basic Helix models thanks to their fluffy, airy toppers. However, you have to pay a “luxury” price.

Helix Plus: One of many Mattresses for oversize sleepers, the Helix Plus is a tough guy. It’s a little thinner than the Luxe models, but don’t worry. This is ensured by the extra-large pocket spools and the high-quality, dense foams. It’s a medium firmness mattress for those it’s marketed for, but you might be overwhelmed with the firmness and support if you weigh less than 150 pounds.


Since the six core mattress models from Helix have similar 12-inch constructions, here’s an overview of the most popular model, the Helix Midnight mattress. Their only differences are the arrangement of the top layers, and they all contain a combination of two of these three foams: Helix Dynamic Foam, Memory Foam Plus, and High-Grade Polyfoam.

  1. The first layer is made of DuraDense foam and is a very thin layer that sits under the support layer.
  2. Next is a thick layer of pocket coils, which are supportive and individually wrapped in fabric to isolate movement better than traditional pocket coils.
  3. Above that is a transition layer of high quality polyfoam to compensate for the rough feel of the coils underneath.
  4. Memory Plus Foam is the most important comfort layer of the Helix Midnight mattress. It relieves pressure, but also doesn’t convey the “sinking” feeling that other memory foams can.

The Helix Moonlight Luxe premium mattress

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Helix Luxe mattresses

The Luxe mattresses are a bit thicker and, as already mentioned, the higher quality version of the Helix models. Instead of four layers, Helix Luxe beds are 14 inches thick and contain six different layers. This is what you will find in the Helix Midnight Luxe:

  1. DuraDense base layer similar to the base mattress Helix Midnight
  2. A layer of zoned lumbar spine pocket coils that provide targeted pressure relief and support for the areas of your body that need it most.
  3. Next comes high-grade polyfoam, which is supposed to serve as a transition layer.
  4. The fourth layer from the bottom is gel visco memory foam, in which you will find the pressure-relieving comfort of this bed.
  5. Like the original Midnight layer, this comfort layer is made of Memory Plus Foam.
  6. The icing on the cake of the Helix Luxe Midnight mattress is the fluffy, quilted pillow top that looks and feels extremely comfortable.

Helix Plus mattress

The Helix Plus is 13 inches and slightly thinner than the Luxe models, but still extremely supportive and durable. Check out the five-layer construction below:

  1. As with the other beds, the first sheet of foam is a thin layer of DuraDense foam.
  2. Second in the layer series are XL pocket spools, which are extra thick to provide extra support for heavier people.
  3. A layer of memory foam to soften the feel of the coils underneath.
  4. Next up is Helix Dynamic Foam, which is pretty much the feel of latex foam.
  5. Lastly, Ultra-Dense Memory Foam is for comfort and pressure relief that doesn’t give in like lower quality foams.


The Helix mattresses use a lot of the same foams, give or take one or two that are specifically made for the Helix Luxe and Helix Plus so they have a neutral foam feel that is more responsive than your typical one Memory foam mattress. Beds like the Helix Moonlight feel softer and you won’t sink as deeply as you sit more on the Helix Dawn and it feels more supportive. Plus, the Helix Luxe models feel a little extra plush and airy because of the thick pillowcases they all come with.

Motion isolation

Each of the Helix Luxe mattresses isolates movement the best among all of the Helix mattresses. Although the basic Helix mattresses and Helix Plus isolate movement pretty well Hybrid mattresses, all those comfy layers on the Luxe’s ​​coils give it the light upper hand.

When jumping and rolling around on the Helix Luxe mattress, you hardly feel any movement in the entire bed.

Edge support

We have to give the Helix Plus the edge supports which, thanks to its XL pocket coil construction, makes it a great bed for couples who share a mattress (especially a small one) with a significant other or a fuzzy family member that will kick you to the edge.

Similar to my movement insulation, the Helix and Helix Luxe mattresses also have fine edge support. When I was on the very edge, I didn’t feel as though I was tipping over the side. It’s just hard to hit a mattress with such strong, supportive steel coils.


All Helix mattresses generally sleep at a neutral temperature, ie they are neither hot nor cold. I think the factors will mainly depend on how warm you keep your bedroom and the types of clothes (or lack of them) you wear as pajamas. Other mattresses have a special cooling technology in the cover or in the layers that make them particularly cold asleep.

Who should sleep on it?

Just because it’s meant for sleeping doesn’t necessarily mean it she should sleep on it. You should try to find a mattress that fits both your body and your sleeping position.


Helix Midnight has a medium firmness that is comfortable for all sleeping positions

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Side sleeper: The Helix Sunset, Helix Moonlight and their Luxe counterparts were made for Side sleeper and maximum pressure relief, but Dusk and Midnight work if you want a little extra support. The Helix Plus is also an option for oversized sleepers.

Back / stomach sleepers: The best Helix mattresses for back and Stomach sleeper would be dusk, midnight, dawn, or dusk. You can also opt for the Helix Plus if you weigh over 230 pounds.

Combi sleeper: Helix Dusk and Dusk Luxe, along with Midnight and Midnight Luxe, are the best for combination sleepers as they relieve pressure while lying on your side but still supportive when lying on your back or stomach.

Body type

Every Helix mattress has a pocket spring core layer, and because of this, these mattresses are suitable for every body type, from small to heavy. As I mentioned in this Helix review, the Helix Plus is a great bed for those over 230 pounds if you’re willing to spend the extra cash on it. And remember, people who weigh under 150 pounds should probably get away from the Helix Plus mattress because they simply don’t need it.


Helix mattresses are generally affordable for what they offer and offer decent value, especially when you see a Helix discount running.

  • The price of the base queen-size Helix mattress model is around $ 1,099, and it will go down by $ 100 or more after discounts.
  • A queen-sized Helix Luxe mattress costs $ 1,949 before promotions, but has been known to drop another $ 200 or so.
  • After all, a queen-sized Helix Plus mattress costs $ 1,649 and can drop as much as $ 170 or more once you apply a discount.

Trial version, shipping and warranty

For shipping and testing periods, it will be pretty similar for each mattress, the only difference is the guarantees. You get free shipping, a 100-night sleep test and a 10 to 15 year mattress guarantee.

In addition, your Helix mattress will be shipped to you in a box the size of a professional golf bag. All you have to do is unpack it, take it out of the plastic wrap and roll it off on your bed frame.

The final verdict

Helix really impressed me with how many options it offers; not many have more than 12 different beds in their catalog. The sleep quiz is also quite unusual and makes it really easy for people who are overwhelmed with all of their options to find the right one. Unless you’re looking for a foam mattress, finding a problem with the Helix mattress is tough. But here are the main people we do that we don’t recommend.

You might like it if:

  • You want a hybrid mattress with a pocket spring pad.
  • They are petite, average, or oversized.
  • You want a bed with a neutral foam or pillow case.

You might not like it if:

  • You are on a tight budget and can’t spend more than ~ $ 600
  • You want a foam mattress with no coils

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