Heartbreaking! Dia learns that Brij is on the death bed

MUMBAI: Star Plus’ popular daily soap ‘Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar’ started with an amazing storyline. It is getting more interesting as it unfolds more drama with high-voltage twists and turns.

Recently we have seen that Armaan finds out that Bhavna was the one to mess with Dia’s certificates and rebukes her for being so disgusting and punishes her.

Armaan apologizes to Dia and tells her that she can get a job still. Much to her shock, she sees her father working as a Labour.

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The story takes an interesting turn when Anju receives the reports of Brij where it is written that he has blood cancer and she breaks down.

Dia calls Anju asking about the reports while Anju lies to her that there is time for reports.

Unfortunately, Dia receives the reports and gets shocked to know about his disease.

Her heart breaks knowing that Brij is on the death bed.

The drama is going to intensify in the upcoming episodes.

It would be highly interesting to see what happens next in the show.

Keep reading this space for more updates.

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