Health Secretary ‘really concerned’ about bed blocking in Edinburgh

An MSP said it had a 'logjam' in hospitals (Peter Byrne / PA) (PA Wire)

An MSP said there was a “traffic jam” in hospitals (Peter Byrne / PA) (PA Wire)

The Health Secretary said he was “really concerned” about late discharges from hospitals at NHS Lothian and said there were specific issues for Edinburgh

Humza Yousaf said he met weekly with executives from the health department and city council to discuss bed blockage issues.

As of October, the NHS Lothian had 8,169 bed days occupied by delayed layoffs.

In the Scottish Parliament on Tuesday, MSP Daniel Johnson said he and others attended a briefing on Friday that painted “an alarming picture” of a surge in late layoffs.

This leads “to a standstill through inpatient care to accidents and emergencies”.

The health minister said all health officials were under “extreme pressure” due to the pandemic.

Humza Yousaf Answered Questions About Blocking Hospital Beds (Andrew Milligan / PA) (PA Archives)

Humza Yousaf Answered Questions About Blocking Hospital Beds (Andrew Milligan / PA) (PA Archives)

Last month, an additional £ 10 million funding was announced to help health officials with staffing, he said.

Mr Yousaf said: “There are some Edinburgh-specific problems so I meet with Edinburgh every week because I am really concerned about the extent of the late layoffs.

“(These are) the highest in the country.”

There is a serious shortage of in-house care both in nursing homes and in home care, while there are also challenges with the workforce.

MSP Dr. Sandesh Gulhane asked the health minister when the delayed layoffs were likely to decline.

Mr. Yousaf said the numbers had been going down last week, although the numbers were still “way too high”.

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