Health Minister Refutes Reports Of Hosps Facing Acute Bed Shortage | Thiruvananthapuram News

Thiruvananthapuram: Health Minister Veena George has refuted reports that hospitals are facing an acute bed shortage as the state’s rising Covid-19 cases. She said the only worrying factor for the health department is that more healthcare workers will become infected in the third wave.
The minister said only 43% of ICU beds in the state are being used, and the situation is similar with ventilator use. Only 13% of the state’s ventilators were manned. The minister has urged not to create panic among people by presenting such false and unfounded reports.
As a precautionary measure, the government has set up 222 more ventilators, 239 intensive care units and 15,688 extra beds for emergencies. If necessary, more beds and intensive care beds will be added to the hospitals.
All precautions have been taken in such a way that no non-Covid treatment is compromised. All emergencies are treated and care has been taken to ensure that no patient anywhere in the state is denied treatment. All of these reports that non-Covid treatment has been impacted at many of the state’s major hospitals are completely unfounded, she said.
Hospital operations are impacted as more healthcare workers become infected. It was therefore decided to temporarily hire more people for Covid care in state hospitals, said the Minister of Health.
Hospitals have been asked to take extra care to prevent the spread of Covid-19 cases in hospitals as more healthcare workers are now affected. Hospitals have also been asked to carry out proper disinfection work in the wards and hospital buildings at regular intervals, she added.
Hospitals have also been asked to prevent gatherings in operating rooms and to strictly adhere to a circumstance guideline for every patient in the wards.
No shortage of beds in
As of January 23, 47% of all government hospital beds and 43% of all private hospital beds were vacant. Also, 44% of government sector ICUs and 38% of private sector ICUs are vacant, and 87% of ventilators in government hospitals and 53% in private hospitals are also vacant.
As of January 23, the total number of free oxygen beds at the medical college hospital is 52. The total number of Covid intensive care units is 21 and 18 are now occupied. The total number of ventilators on hand for Covid patients is 19, of which only five are manned.
In the general hospital, 16 of the total of 25 intensive care unit beds reserved for Covid patients are now occupied. Only one of the 15 fans is occupied.


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