Having trouble going to bed? These herbal teas can help

Are you having trouble going to bed?  These herbal teas can help

Are you having trouble going to bed? These herbal teas can help Photo credit: iStock Images

Key highlights

  • If certain drinks like chocolate milk and coffee keep you up at night, some herbal teas can help you fall asleep
  • If you have persistent sleep problems, it is imperative that you consult a doctor immediately
  • Do you often have trouble sleeping at night? It’s time to fight back with these teas

New Delhi: While some people are lucky enough to fall asleep as soon as they turn their bed, some may have to go through an abundance of emotions and experiences before they can finally fall asleep. Sleep problems are not uncommon and can have various causes. Some common problems can include insomnia, indigestion, sleep apnea, and more. Just remember that if you have persistent sleep problems, see a doctor right away as it could be a sign of an underlying health condition. However, some problems can be overcome by making certain changes in diet, environment, and lifestyle.

Herbal teas for better sleep

Here are some teas that can help you sleep well:

  1. Camomile tea: This is one of the most common sleep-friendly teas. Studies have shown the benefits of chamomile tea in relieving anxiety and calming the body, thereby improving the quality of sleep.
  2. Passion Flower Tea: Made from dry passion flower leaves, this herbal tea can help combat insomnia, anxiety, and sleep problems by calming the mind. The benefits of this tea have also been linked to treating liver problems, stomach problems, and wounds.
  3. Ashwagandha tea: Ashwagandha has been used as an adaptogen for quite some time. The benefits of this plant have been known in India and Ayurveda since ancient times. Its ability to calm the nerves and relax the body can contribute to better sleep at night.
  4. Turmeric tea: Turmeric is widely used for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. You must have heard of the healing properties of golden milk, also known as or turmeric milk haldi ka doodh. Consuming turmeric tea can also have therapeutic effects on the body, relaxing muscles, relieving pain, and calming the body, helping to sleep.
  5. Lavender tea: Lavender’s uses in aromatherapy are widely recognized, but it’s time to put the spotlight on the amazing health benefits of lavender tea. Known for its calming effects, lavender tea can reduce nighttime waking up and tiredness and thus improve the quality of sleep.

Disclaimer: The tips and suggestions mentioned in this article are for general information only and should not be construed as professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor or nutritionist before starting any fitness program or changing your diet.

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