Hamster Who Puts Himself to Bed When Mom Asks Is Impossible to Resist

What a smart little guy!

Pet training isn’t easy to take on, especially the first time. you try it, but with enough consistency and practice, you can teach an animal nearly anything, Even this precious little pet hamster named Oscar is a master of many tricks–including putting himself to bed! His owner, @skyecotter, caught his impressive trick on camera, and we’re so glad she did.

Everything from Oscar’s scurry to his affinity for bedtime has us fangirling over him, but we have a feeling he’ll be too busy napping to notice.

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He’s such a cute little thing! We’d love to scoop him up for a bit of a cuddle, but he seems perfectly content with exploring his room’s enclosure. Viewer @_randi_cory agreed, writing, “I love the setup for him.” There’s so much for him to see and do! And the way he put himself to bed? Simply adorable!

“Hamsters are so precious,” wrote @bunniluvr. “I wish more people understood them. What a happy little guy.” He’s definitely living his best life! Skye is taking great care of Oscar–and it shows!

“How does he not drop tuuurdds everywhere in your house?” asked @birdsofpennsylvania. Honestly, that’s a great question! @Sxgarxpsycho replied, “it’s extremely easy to potty train hammies.” Who knew?

Clearly, hamsters like Oscar are capable of enjoying a lot more interaction than we realize. Just wait until you hear @lcorvette’s story! She wrote, “When I was a young teenager, I brought my hamster to the Kennedy center in Washington DC to watch a play. He sat in my hands all night.” That’s the cutest thing we’ve ever read! Maybe one day Oscar will get to go on an adventure like that, too.

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