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Matching Match for Beautiful Unmarried Brahmin Girl, MBBS, MD, October 1983, 5′-7 “, Doctor who works in Ludhiana / Chandigarh. Currently visiting family in the US. WhatsApp: 15105-658164.

Match from the USA to Canada for a beautiful Canadian citizen, Computer Expert, MS (Computer Science), 5′-4 ”, 30 who works as a Senior Manager in a leading company in Toronto. [email protected]

PQM for Jat Sikh girls, 5′-8 “, June 1991, MBA Finance, AVP in Multinational Financial Bank in Pune. Father very senior retired Army officer. Upper caste no bar. Email details at: [email protected]

Match Match for Jatt Gursikh Girls, 28 Years, 5′-2.5 “, US Citizen. Engineer from the University of California and now with a prestigious California organization @ or call 1-916-708 -6291 or WhatsApp.

Matching game for 29 year old beautiful working girls (Germany). Working boy preferred in Germany. Contact / Send bio data and pictures to 62804-74492.

Self-employed Khatri Sikh Manglik beautiful, slim girl, 5′-5 “, born Dec. 1996, BBA. Business family. Occupation without bar. Contact: 98140-04758.

Suitable match for unmarried Ahluwalia Sikh slim girl, 5′-3 “, 53 years old monastery teacher. Upper caste welcome. Well-established Chandigarh family. Contact: 0172-2264043.

Professionally qualified match for Jain Manglik fair girl, 11/20/94, 5′.5 “, B.Tech, Serving Deloitte (12 LPA). 94160-79261, 94660-44354.

SM4 Issueless Jat Sikh Widow, 29 Years, 5′-8 “, B.Tech Computers. Retired Father Class-A Govt. Officer. Canada PR preferred. Mob: 7087350008.

Suitable NRI match for very beautiful Jat Sikh Dhaliwal 1993, 5 ‘, M.Com girls, USA, Canada preferred. 94163-67245, 89011-90538.

PQM for intelligent Ramdasia Sikh girl, 1989, 5′-3 “, innocent divorced, short marriage not consummated. B.Tech. MBA (Punjab University), CAIIB, Govt. Bank Manager. Tricity preferred. Caste without bar. 98724- 82960.

Matching match for Khatri beautiful girl, Oct. 20, 1983, 8:23 am, Ludhiana, 5′-2 “, B.Com. Legally divorced with two children. Business family settled in Jalandhar. Contact: 9814461752.

Matching game for M.Sc. Microbiology, D.Pharmacy, B.Ed, 5′-7 “, 32, beautiful SC Ad-dharmi girl, Science Mistress Pb. Govt. (Teacher). Mother also director Punjab Govt. Is preferably looking for NRI boys from well-established families from Canada / USA / UK etc caste no bar. Send full details: 9779910322.

Matching game for beautiful Kamboj girl Canada PR 1989, 5′-6 “, BDS Doctor does Dental Hygienic Canada innocent divorced person with no problem. 87250-93624

Suitable for the beautiful, slim, fair Sikh Khatri, Chandigarh monastery educated girl born in 1990, 5′-2 “, B.Tech. (CSE), works in an IT company. Upper caste no bar. Whatsapp 94178-00787. Rskhanna2019 @

Saraswat Brahmanin, 90 / 5′-3 “few days divorced, BCA, contract based on Job Chandigarh. Caste no bar. Preferred Tricity. 77194-01090.

Arora / Khatri, 5′-5 “, 5.11.1992, 2:32 pm, Phagwara, M.Com, Marketing Manager, Gurgaon, part-time yoga teacher. Package 7 lac. Contact after matching Kundli. 9877380173.

Matching game for Saini girls, 28 years, 5 ‘, hearing impaired, (Jesus believers), +2 & ITI (COPA). Caste no bar. Contact No. 8437041626, 9463847261.

Qualified, well-rehearsed match for Beautiful Lubana Sikh girls 28 yrs / 5′-5 ”, B.Tech, Pb. Government job (Mohali), Tricity preferred. Contact 99885-13281.

Professionally qualified match for monastic trained Hindu Khatri, slim, beautiful girl from a respected business family, B.Com., MBA, 27 years, size 5′-2 “, Tricity preferred. 98727-72185.

Matching Match for Beautiful Unmarried Girl, BE, MBA, Oct 1977, 5′-7 “, 15 LPA, Working in Chandigarh. Upper caste welcome. Email: [email protected]

Manglik Brahman girl 04/08/89, 11:05 pm, 5′.2 “, Ambala, M.Tech, Software Developer in Bangalore, 17 lac. 89503-33758.

Professionally qualified match for Aggarwal Mittal Fair Girl, born January 30, 1994, 5′.2 “, 8:05 pm, Ambala, B.Tech, Job Pune. Package 12.5 lac. 94163-76669.

SM for Saraswat Brahmin girl 26 / 5′-4 “beautiful (Vegetarian), B.Sc. & M.Sc. Microbial & Food Technology Gold Medalist. Armed Forces Officer / Public Official or Established Businessman Preferred. Contact No. 98156- 88626 , 79063-24488.

Well-rehearsed upper middle class game for Kalia (Bhardwaj) Manglik smart homely girl 09/14/1994, 6 o’clock, 5′-4 “, M.Com., B.Ed, belongs to Una (HP). Place of birth Sonipat (Haryana) Contact according to Matching by Kunli Himachali / Punjabi Brahman Preferred near Chandigarh Mobil- 98130-65544 Broker apologized.

Jat Sikh match for beautiful girl 1995, 5′-7 “, B.Sc, Nursing, (RN), regularly working Brampton Canada, interested in establishing a branch in Canada, contact number +9170877-21837, +14086275525

The Sikh Mehmi family is looking for a professionally qualified match for their daughter, preferably from the USA, for their US-trained Green Card holder, Management Consultant, 5′-5 “, 1987. Email: [email protected]

Matching game for very beautiful, beautiful slim HCS (Judi) Brahmin girl 76 / 5′-2 “, upper caste, no bar, 97817-81524. [email protected]

Looking for a good, professional partner for the beautiful Jat Sikh girl, born in 1983, 5′-5 “, MA (English), M.Phil UGC qualified, works as Assistant Professor Govt. Supported, belongs to a respectable family . Corresponds to images, biodata. Call / Whatsapp: 9888836262.

Match for fair color Gaur Brahmin girl 02/18/1995, 18: 00 / Karnal / 5′-6 “B.Tech IT SAP Consultant MNC Gurgaon, 5 Lac Annum. Preferred Chandigarh to Delhi. Contact after the match Kundli. 8968642268/9468295251

IT Professional Saraswat Brahmin girl B.Tech, 5′-4 “, 07/28/1991, divorced in a short marriage, PR USA works in Texas. Preferred job Work based in the USA. Whatapp 98960-60225, + 1-30326-49443.

IAS / MD / DM / IIT engineer match for a Hindu Khatri very beautiful girl, raised in Australia (citizen), 24 years, 5′-5 “, software engineer, earns $ 100 + k pa. Biodata and a photo by e -Mail to: [email protected]

Matching match for Manglik / Non-Manglik Khatri girls, 1991, 5′-2 “, Diploma in Professional Makeup Artist, MA, B.Ed. NRI preferred. Sorry for the marriage office. 9877406930, 9855863786.

PQM READY to publish game for Australian Never Married Hindu, Khatri Girl 49, 5ft 3inches. Postgraduates. Government job. Currently visiting India. Early marriage. Contact- [email protected]

PQM for Sarswat Brahmin Manglik Girl, light skin tone, monastery education, B.Tech., July 1990, 5′-4½ “, working IT company Mumbai. Contact: 98887-32400.

Looking for Well-Settled Qualified Doaba-Based USA / Canada Game for 5′-3 ”, August 1992, B.Sc. Father, mother and younger sister Punjab Govt. Officer / clerk, younger brother settled in Canada. 98760-99453.

Match for Sikh Saini MDS girls, 34, 5′-9 “, divorced. PR Canada. Retired father. Defense officer. 9833404970.

Ramdasia Sikh girl, Oct. 7, 1988, 5′-7 “, B.Sc. Fashion Designer, B.Tech. Business Management. Retired father director, retired mother director, sister dentist in Canada. NRI preferred. Phone number 8699719131.

Amritdhari Ramgarhia Issueless Divorced, Green Card Holder, 5′-4 “/ 1987, Working in USA, Masters Degree. Looking for a suitable partner. Contact 75288-61900.

Professional match for the beautiful Sikh girl Doctor, 31, 160, US Citizen, MD, Fellowship CC. WhatsApp +14434679933.

Match for a beautiful 26 years, permanent, non-transferable, Central Govt. employed girl in Chandigarh. Officers / well-placed government employee preferred by Tricity. Contact: 99142-08090.

Tonk-kashtri Chhimba Girl, 1993, 5′-2 “, M.Sc. Comp. Sc. Seeks NRI or Govt Service Boy. Contact: 9646064980, 9888264980.

Chandigarh resident Senior business family, very beautiful, beautiful, slim, educated girl, 5′-5 “, July 1990, works in a US company at a very high level. Only high-class families can contact: 98724-14454.

SM4 Ravidasia Girls, Jun 84, 5′-5 “, MA, M.Ed.NET and PSTET qualified. Lecturer at B.Ed. College. Retired Father with the Government. 7087992662.

Wealthy, well-established family looking for a professionally qualified partner in employment or business with a strong family background for their daughter, age 32 and 5′-6 “, great American citizen. Please reply to [email protected] with details and pictures

PQM for Chartered Accountant, April 88 / 5′-4 “, Canadian PR, based in Vancouver. Whatsapp + 9198884-84818.

Matching Jat Sikh Match required for a Master in CSE Girls, 5′-7 “, 30 years old, Green Card holder (USA). Father businessman / 60 acres land / Ludhiana), older sister (dermatologist, married) & younger brother (MBA .), unmarried) qualified match, business / landlord family must be requested Contact: 83938-86150 (WhatsApp) & email: [email protected]

SM4 Saraswat Brahmin born Oct. 92, 5′-4 “, Central Govt., Reqd. Govt. Emp. (NRI preferred). 98147-09627.

Matching game for Rajput girls from Dharmshala, 5′-2 “, May 1994, MA Eco. Preferred Distt. Kangra based. 98162-05871.

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