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Well educated professional match for a beautiful Canadian citizen Jat Sikh girl 1982 born, 5′-6″, professionally doing well in Toronto. Profile with photos WhatsApp +9198201-91280/ [email protected]

US based Doctor, extremely beautiful, Jatt Sikh girl, 36, 5′-6″, innocently divorced, looking for Doctor, Engineer or well established businessman (age 34- 42) from a respectable Jatt Sikh fam, US based or Canada (open to move to US). Respond with biodata and pics [email protected]

Suitable match for slim beautiful Sarswat Brahmin girl, never married, B.Sc, B.Ed, M.Sc IT, 1978 born, Chandigarh, working in reputed school. 98550-99494, 98154-90685. Email: [email protected]

Suitable match for Brahmin slim, fair, conventional, good looking girl, 31/ 5′-3″, B.Tech., MBA, worked in USA based MNC, currently undergoing training of Commercial Pilot. 9465130303, 9388210001.

Suitable match for beautiful unmarried Brahmin girl, MBBS, MD, October 1983, 5′-7″, Doctor working in Ludhiana/ Chandigarh. WhatsApp: 15105658164.

US well settled parents seek professionally qualified match for good looking Jat Sikh US citizen girl 1993 born, 5′-3″, Accounting graduate, working with one of the top Accounting firms and pursuing CPA. Prefer professionals already settled in US. Please respond with photos and biodata at [email protected]

Seeking Doctor/ Lawyer/ Engineer/ CA/ Established professional match from tricity for elite postgraduate professionally settled 1985 born, 5′-4″, beautiful Brahmin girl. Interested Whatsapp biodata, photographs. 81469-40432.

Suitable match for professionally qualified Jatt Sikh beautiful, slim girl US citizen born in Oct. ’87 and height 5′-6″. She graduated with Masters in Public Health, Biostatistics. Currently she is working as Quantiative Research Analyst with well-renowned hospital research institution in Northern California. We are well settled family in the US for the past 35 years. Please contact with biodata and recent pictures: [email protected] or WhatsApp at (530) 218-5948. Marriage bureau excuse us.

Chaudhary 38 years Himachali girl, MBA, 5′-3″, seeking teetotaler match. Tricity NCR preferred. 8872668444.

Jatt Sikh Sidhu girl 5′-3″ fair, July 90, B.Sc Nursing, working in Indian Army as Nursing Officer, Distt Jalandhar. Seeking Canada/ USA/ Australia PR/ Citizen, educated Jatt Sikh non-smoker match. WhatsApp 94656 -27895.

Turbaned match for Ramgarhia Sikh Canadian PR girl, 1993, 5′-2″, job in Toronto IT firm, package 120000 CAD. Contact: 9872973290, 8146447622.

Looking for a USMLE cleared Med. Graduate, Resident or Practicing Doctor in California, Vet. Science Grad. or Post Grad. for our daughter, 28 yrs & half, 5′-5″, born & brought up in California finishing Masters in Bio-Tech., working for a Bio-Tech Co., WhatsApp: 91629-54321. Marriage bureau excuse.

Match for 1996/5′-7″, B.Tech. (CSE), MBA, working in MNC. Preferably Canadian PR boy from Tricity. [email protected]

Wanted professional never married Jat Sikh match in US for well settled beautiful girl who is US citizen, IT professional, 41, five feet seven inches. Email [email protected] or WhatsApp +12406764579.

Mittal Anshik Manglik 5′-4″, 09.03.1993, 2:42 pm Kaithal, M.Sc. (Honours) Biotech, French Degree, working Amazon Gurugram, residence Zirakpur. Contact: 93160-01616.

SM4 Ravidasia 1993, 5′-6″. M.Com, MA English, doing MBA in UK. Marriage bureau excuse. Doaba preferred. Contact/Whatsapp: 6239648035, 8837648311.

Canadian permanent resident convent educated beautiful girl, 1990, 5′-7½”, Only daughter. Looking for well settled educated Canadian/USA Permanent Resident/ citizen boy. Girl in India for 15 days. Whatsapp: 98785-80003,83600-49218.

Suitable teetotaler match for beautiful vegetarian Hindu Ramdasia M.Sc Zoology (Hons School) M.Ed CTET, 11/30/1984, 5′-3” girl, doing tuition work and looking for a job. Father retired Central Govt. Gazetted Officer. Contact: 98728-87957, [email protected]

Canada PR, Brahmin girl, Mar 90, Ht. 5 feet, B. Tech. & Masters. Working as Manager (Toronto). Upper caste no bar. 98712-55588.

Suitable match from upper class for Gupta (Kansal) girl, MBA, B.Tech., 30 years, 5′-5″, service as Data Analyst, Toronto, Canada. CAD 62000 PA. Father and mother both working in PSU. Mobile : 98147-12016 Email: [email protected]

PQM4 Mair Rajput, 85/5′, MS, PR Canada. Boy working Canada preferred. 9915949434. E-mail: [email protected]

Punjabi Arora/Khatri non-manglik, MBA, B.Tech. girl, 5′-4½”, July 92, working in E-Commerce firm, Bangalore 24 LPA, Chandigarh based family. Seeking alliance from a well-qualified (MBA/CA) boy from well educated family. 96461-10872.

Match for US citizen, 7/8/99, 5:58 PM, Tampa, Fla., 5′-6″, pursuing Masters Psychology. 94177-23394.

Suitable match for Valmiki/Christian girl, 29 yrs, 5′, BCA, LL.B., Govt job, IELTS 7 band, applied for Canada PR, interested in settling abroad. Contact: 9779586331.

Educated boy from Tricity wanted for PR girl living in New Zealand DoB April 1993, height 5′-6″, short time divorced, B.Sc Nursing from NZ. Religion/Caste no bar, preferred Tricity only. Girl coming to India soon, only contact if you are interested and willing to relocate.Only WhatsApp: +91-94171-12368.

Suitable match for fair complexion 28 years, 5′-1″ Aggarwal girl, working in USA after MS H1B granted. Parents Gazetted officers. Boy should either working or settled in USA with respectable family background. Caste no bar. Girl visiting Chandigarh in June .94631-00775.

Required match for SC girl 3.3.82, Bank PO/ 5′-1”, Yamunanagar Haryana based family, Father retired Bank Manager, only brother Central govt. employee. Contact 9466212446, 9878022446.

SM4 pretty convent educated Canada PR Saraswat Brahmin girl, Oct. 90, 5′-5″ Chandigarh, M.Sc. Microbiology Hons. PU, working in TCS in India. Canada (Ontario) settled preferred. Marriage bureau excuse. 90411-02366.

Canadian PR slim, tall, Convent educated Goel girl August 1994, 5′-7″, B.Tech. Working IT company in Toronto. Required well settled Aggarwal boy from Toronto/ Ontario. Contact : 0171-2661336, 94165-40999.

PQSM4 June 88, 5′-4″, Ramdasia Sikh girl, B.Tech, Central Govt PSU Manager, package 13+ lac pa Caste no bar. Bureau excuse. Early marriage. Contact: +91-9501348706 with profile & latest photo.

PQM for Saraswat Brahmin Manglik girl, fair complexion, convent educated, B.Tech., born July 1990, 5′-4½”, working in IT company Mumbai. Contct: 98887-32400.

Suitable match for Jat Sikh beautiful girl, 5′-2″,1991 born, B.Tech.(CSE). Working in IT Sector, New Zealand PR. Patiala based business class family. Contact: 75080-00090, 99889-00072.

Manglik Arora MPA-MBA very beautiful girl 5′-5”, 9/20/92, 11:30 am at Chandigarh. Australian citizen well settled at Melborne serving in MNC drawing handsome salary. Upper class PR or citizen of Australia, preferably Melborne required. Send latest photo & full biodata. Marriage office excuse please. 98149-11222, 98143-77222.

PQM for Australia based, govt employee never married, Hindu, Khatri Girl 72 born young-looking 5’3” visiting India. [email protected]

Well established professional match from tricity for well settled Advocate 20.02.1985, 5′-4″, beautiful Brahmin girl. Interested Whatsapp biodata, photographs. 94170-02343.

Suitable match for Punjabi Ad-Dharmi, born Feb. 1991, 5′-4”, B.Tech, Computer Science, working PO in Govt. Bank Chandigarh. Father Gazetted Officer. Govt./IT Sector serving Punjabi boy from Tricity preferred. WhatsApp: 99883-79986.

Canada settled (PR) Jat Sikh girl, 1989, 5′-3″, seeks handsome match from status family. One brother settled in Canada & one in Australia. Contact: 94172-64289

SC Ad-dharmi 5′-3″ 75 very beautiful well educated Punjabi Girl Tricity NRI preferred Caste No Bar [email protected]

SM for beautiful Punjabi girl, 30, 5′-5″, currently working in Germany. Boy working in Germany/ Europe preferred. Contact: 62804-74492.

Wanted match for 50 years beautiful working educated 5′-5″ Sikh Rajput girl. Few days marriage annulled. Only well educated and well settled respond. 86996-99197.

Match for Hindu Sharma girl, 5′-3″, 01/18/1992, MDS (Prosthodontist & Implantologist), Chandigarh, running own clinic. 94642-62322.

Professionally qualified well settled NRI match for Brahmin 5?6?/July 95, BDS, Masters in PH(Int?l) & HM from Australia. Working in health sector Australia on work visa. Cultured, well-educated family. Upper caste no bar. WhatsApp 9915348700

Defense Officer Jat Sikh match from high status well established family for Officer very beautiful 28 years from high status family. Only WhatsApp 89681-03887.

Saini Sikh beautiful girl, 5′-6″, 1980, Punjab Govt. regular job, BA.(honours), B.Ed. MA, M.Ed. M.Phil, UGC. Father retd. Gazetted Officer. 9815992158.

Professional qualified match for Ramgarhia Sikh girl, Canada PR, 1985/ 5′-5.5″, M.Tech (PEC), Chandigarh. M.Sc. upper caste no bar. Canada preferred. Contact: 98144-89715, 30688-07791, Email: [email protected]

Sarswat Brahmin girl 5′-3½”, 12/7/91, 4:45 pm, Jagraon, M. Tech. Computer Science Canada PR. Preferred Canada PR. 98766-98276.

Professionally qualified match for Canadian citizen divorcee. BA, LLB, 1980, 5′-4″, working in Legal Firm, Vancouver. Caste no bar. Contact only Canadian citizen. WhatsApp: 99158-14312.

Addharmi girl 1985, 5′-2″, B.Tech., MBA, 8 volumes, Project Manager need NRI employ. 94178-88845.

Suitable Doctor match for Jat Sikh beautiful daughter MBBS, 1986, USA born. Father USA Senior Scientist. WhatsApp: 510-650-2845.

Suitable match for Brahmin girl 03 July 1993, 8:45 pm, Shimla, 5′-3″, M.Tech (Electronic Communication), doing job in Noida. WhatsApp: 84276-71556, Email: [email protected]

Suitable match from well educated status family for Kamboj Sikh girl, Nov. 93, 5′-5″, Manager in top MNC London. Preferred vegetarian, non-drinker, Doctor/Engineer. 6284139821.

Beautiful and intelligent Chandigarh based Jat Sikh girl 88 born, 5′-4″, BCA, working IT Company, preparing for Canadian PR. Preference for IT professional from Tricity. Contact: 98882-39096.

Manglik Jat Sikh Girl 8/20/86, Working in MNC 30 Lakh Package (CTC), B.Tech, 5′-3″, Having 10 Year Tourist Visa of USA and Canada. Whatsapp Bio-data @ 9779877099

Manglik Jat Sikh Girl 8/20/86, Working in MNC 30 Lakh Package (CTC), B.Tech, 5′-3″, Having 10 Year Tourist Visa of USA and Canada. Whatsapp Bio-data @ 9779877099

Match for beautiful, slim, fair, Sikh Khatri, Chandigarh convent educated girl 1990 born. 5′-2″, B.Tech. (CSE), working in IT Company. Upper caste no bar. WhatsApp 9417003847.

Affluent well established Jat Sikh family seeking professionally qualified match with outstanding career and/ or business prospects and strong family back ground for their daughter, 32 years & 5′-6″ tall, American citizen Dentist. Pls reply with details and pictures at: kirpaapaar21

Ramdasia Sikh girl 1992, 5′-1″, M.Tech IT, father, brother Govt employee. Preferred Govt. job, own business/ NRI. 88720-32801.

Professionally qualified match for Aggarwal beautiful girl, 5′-2″, 2 May, 96, B.Tech., working MNC Dubai, 35 LPA. 98147-19369.

Well educated & qualified match for good looking Jat Sikh girl June?91 born, 5′-7″, Chartered Accountant girl, pursuing CPA.Prefer professionals already settled in US/Canada. Please respond with photos and biodata at WhatsApp-98712-49222

Well qualified Brahmin, teetotaller match for girl, B.Tech. 1989, 5′-5″, divorcee, working in Sydney. Please send photo biodata 0061422250899.

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