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Handsome Sikh Khatri 36/ 5′-5″, Citizen Registered Nurse London, Package £39000. Divorced no problem. Boy should be around London. [email protected]

Match for Canadian Citizen beautiful girl, Sikh, 30, 5′-4”, Engineering Senior Manager. Caste no bar. From Canada and USA only, [email protected]

PQM ready to relocate for Australia based Khatri Hindu girl, 49, 5′-3″, never married government worker visiting India. [email protected]

Match for Khatri, non manglik, vegetarian, slim, fair, beautiful girl, 10/27/1992 1:45 pm Yamuna Nagar, 5′-5″, B.Tech, pursuing MBA (finance), internship completed, from Chandigarh family of Doctor’s Tri-City employees prefer match kundli, biographical data and photo send marriage office apology 98961-54977.

Suitable match for Ph.D Brahmin girl 5′-5″, born January 1988 in Chandigarh. WhatsApp only 94642-73743.

Matching match for Brahmanic Trouble-Free (Widow) Girl, 1983/5′-1″, Graduate. Upper Caste without bars. Biological Data/Photo Send @ 99157-41107.

Himachali girl, date of birth: 10/22/1994, 9:45 am, Ht. 5′-2″, 10+2 in monastery, B.Sc in H/H and currently working in Mohali (administration). 95306-95105.

Well educated Jat Sikh family seeks alliance for their only daughter Dr. (MBBS), Age 28, 5′-4″, Australian Citizen. Looking for Educated, Turban Kesadhari, Jat Sikh Boy. Please email/WhatsApp with updated pictures and details at: [email protected] .com 89687-00695.

Matching Match for Khatri CA/ MBA for CA Beautiful Girl, 5′-2″, 30 Years, MNC, Gurugram, 25 Lacs. Contact: 99158-07353.

Beautiful blonde Aggarwal girl, March 1993, 5′-2″, works as CA in Bangalore IBM Co. Family Dehradun. 80774-24903, 96275-77745.

Anshik Manglik Gupta 5′-2″ girl DOB 9/3/1994 (2:35pm Chandigarh), IT works in Cognizant Pune, Packet 12 LPA. Reply me after Kundli match. 90417-53032.

Professionally qualified Brahmin Teetotaler match for girls B.Tech, 32, divorced, well resident in Australia, only Australian PR/citizen height over 5′-8″, unmarried/divorced please. Send photo, bio dates 0061422250899, 0061401318736.

SM4 Punjabi Arora Girls. April 79 Gurgaon MBA work MNC Bank State Regional Head, Decent package. I prefer to get married early. 79116-70635. [email protected]

Required Well Placed Good Looking, preferably Chandigarh Tricity for a Fine B.Sc. (IT), employed, slightly Manglik Brahmin, undeviated divorced girl Chandigarh 9/13/87/ 5′-5”. 94177-03413 (Whatsapp), [email protected]

Well qualified clean shaven match for Khatri girl, 34/5′-3″, Ph.D. Biotechnology. Highly educated and respectable family. Employee/NRI contact only with details 98724-10444, 98720-70097.

Saini Sikh beautiful girl, born July 1990, 5′-4″, M.Tech, (GNDU), M.Engineering Waterloo University Canada, currently on work permit. Preferred Canadian PR/work permit. Upper caste no bar. Contact: 9417309788 .

Looking for a Jat Sikh compatible, educated match (medic preferred). Who is looking forward to settling in Australia for MBBS Jat Sikh, a 27 year old girl from a well educated family. Email to [email protected]

Matching match for fair, slim, very beautiful (Miss College) Garg girl, MBA May 23, 1996 3:50 p.m., Ambala, 5’9″, only child. Father retired Defense Officer, now in business. Nuclear family, well settled Ambala 97299-84670, 94667-19648 (Whatsapp).

PQM for Jat Sikh Girl, Born 93, 5′-5″, Monastic Educated, B.Tech. (Compute Science) India, Masters in Applied Computer from Canada. Works as a Software Engineer at Morgan Stanley Bank with work permit in Canada. Father works as a Senior Class I Officer at the Government of Punjab. Match with US and Canada preferred. Please reply with biographical details and photos to [email protected]

Matching game for girls from Saraswat Brahmin Chandigarh Nov 93/15 5 cm, MA. Tricity family preferred. 98140-08917.

Suitable match for Kanojia Beautiful Girl 30/5′-6″, B.Sc., (Medicine). Tricity preferred. Contact 78370-50494.

PQM4 Mair Rajput 85, 5′, MS, VR Canada, working. USA/Canada preferred. Currently visiting India. 9915949434. Email: [email protected]

Suitable match for the beautiful Valmiki girl, 10/14/1992, 5′-4″, MA, B.Ed. PTET clear. Preferred government job and own business. Contact: 8847089905.

PQM for b’ful fair Punjabi Brahmin, British born Medico girl in her 30s/ 5′-5″, belongs to a family of well qualified professionals. Based in the UK. Email: [email protected]

Match for Khatri Fair Girl 1/10/1997 6:47am, 25, 5’3″, M.Com., B.Ed. Private job, Mohali. Class of service preferred. 98120-89269.

Suitable match for Ravidasia girls, born 1989, 5ft, MCA, works in MNC Gurgaon, year pack 15+. The older doctor is married and the younger brother works in MNC. Contact: 7837555108, 9872009434.

Saraswat Brahmin Canadian PR Girl 5′-1″, 3/4/91, Chandigarh, 3am, M.Sc. Bio Physics. Teetotaler, Pure Vegetarian, Canadian PR Boy Preferred. Kundli Must. Contact: 75087-01551.

PQM for Jatt Sikh girl, 27 yrs, 5′-3″, b’ful/ Masters in Engineering from Canadian University. Consultant in a reputable firm in Toronto. Seek a highly educated, well placed groom, preferably in Canada/USA .Whatsapp 93112- 94659, email [email protected]

Matching match anshik manglik Saraswat Brahmin girl,5′-0″,16/01/1995 10:30 am, Batala, B.Sc, B.Ed, MA (English), P.Tet, C.Tet qualified, works as a teacher in Prestigious School, Mohali, Tricity Preferred Contact: 97801-00953.

Jat Sikh (Chahal) Girl, 31, 5′-4″, Teacher (Semi Govt School) in Jalandhar. Required Educated, Well Settled. Preferably near Jalandhar. WhatsApp Only: 8360005186, 9888701471.

PQM for Fair Slim Smart Arora Girl 5′-3″, BDS, MBA 3 Sep 1990 7:30pm Jalandhar City Works in MNC in Gurgoan Package 12 lakh. Contact: 8968490130, 8427570909.

SM4 Himachali, vegetarian girl, April 90, 5′-2″, MBA (NMIMS, Mumbai), working MNC, educated family, upper class welcome, shares Kundali. 88949-88501.

Professionally qualified Jat Sikh match for beautiful 5′-4″, September 1991, Endodontist MDS girl. WhatsApp contact 96465-44067

Gaur Brahman Girl Fair 33/5′-4″ M.Sc Maths, B.Ed. HTET CTET Haryana Govt. Permanent position. Short trouble-free divorce. WhatsApp 98966-38102.

Jat Sikh Amritdhari Keshkidhari girl, born 1993, 5′-4″ eligible medico, non-medico fit for MBBS USMLE first and second step now clear. Rotation in New York. +91 98722-77751.

Match for Khatri girl Born 1992, 5′-4″, Masters Computers, Works in Chandigarh. Upper cast without bars. Whatsapp 94632-47118.

Seeking a professionally qualified female partner, preferably from the USA, for a beautiful 5′-7″/84 year old Ghumiar Sikh girl working as an Advance Sr. Software Engineer in LA (USA), decent package. 98034-00219 .

Match for Ravidasia SC Govt Clerk, Divorced (problem free) Girl, 37/5′-6″. Preferred Vegetarian Govt Clerk. Contact: 9915853315.

Jat Sikh Engineer/Scientist/Doctor/Student Non-Drink Bridegroom Employed/Studying in USA for 26/5′-7″ Ph.D. Senior Computer Science student in USA. +91-94635-79631, [email protected] com

Suitable match for Ramgarhia MBBS girls, September 1991, 5′-6″, currently in Canada with work permit, awaiting PR. USA Canada preferred. Caste without bar. 97797-52008.

Suitable match for Canadian PR, B.Tech Girl Jat Sikh born 1995 / 5′-6½” tall. Only Tricity and near WhatsApp 99153-831 99.

Goes well with Jatt Sikh 1994, 5′, blond, handsome, B.Arch, Masters degree from Massey University Auckland, works as an architect with a renowned New Zealand firm. 9814033515.

Prof. qualified suitable match for Ramdasia Sikh girl, June 88, 5′-3½”, 13 lacs pa, works in Govt MNC. Father Gazetted Officer (retd.). Brother in US. Caste without bar. Apologies for the office.Contact mob: 9501348706 , 9878677073.

Matching match for beautiful Jatt Sikh girl, 33, 5′-4″, tall, Canadian permanent resident, works in CPA firm in Canada, well qualified, CA from India and pursuing CPA in Canada, innocent divorced (no problem ) after short marriage.Correspond with detailed bio data and latest pictures,Email:[email protected] or WhatsApp:64727-15985.

Qualified well matched match for beautiful unmarried Himachali Rajput 31/ 5′-1″, M.Phil working in most prestigious newspaper Chandigarh. Upper caste welcome. 86289-08393.

High status business family in Chandigarh, extremely beautiful blonde slim educated girl, 5′-5″, July 1990, works in USA based company at very high level, only high class family can contact: 98724- 14454.

Jatt Sikh Dhaliwal Girl, 1988, 5′-4″, MBA, Working Mohali, preferably Chandigarh, Mohali & Patiala, Malwa area, well educated, working and farming land. Contact: 94653-61055.

Jatt Sikh girl Bhullar 1991/5′-7″, MBA, own company in Mohali. Tricity preferred. 95927-28312.

Medico (MD/MS/MDS), Non Medico (IIT/NIT), Community Service match preferably in/around Tricity/Punjab/Haryana for 91 born 5′-4″ beautiful blonde Hindu Khatri MBBS-MD (pathology) girl who in Tricity is working with 24 Lac+ Annual Pack Renowned Educators/Doctor Family WhatsApp only 79868-92369.

Professionally qualified Jat Sikh match with high status for NRI girls, born 1994/5′-10″, Masters in Law and working with renowned international law firm in Scandinavia. Physician/IT professional over 6′ tall preferred. Send full Profile and latest pics on whatsapp-84275-67941 or email: [email protected] Dowry Seekers & Office Apologies.

Jatt Sikh 29/ 5′-1″, Australia PP New Zealand Citizen Registered Nurse beautiful girl. Wanted well educated landlord boy and Australian TR preferred (94632-23480, WhatsApp). Call 99146-23480.

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