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Suitable match for Brahmin slim, fair, conventional, good looking girl, 31/ 5′-3″, B.Tech., MBA, worked in USA based MNC, currently undergoing training of Commercial Pilot. 9465130303, 9388210001.

Suitable match for beautiful unmarried Brahmin girl, MBBS, MD, October 1983, 5′-7″, Doctor working in Ludhiana/ Chandigarh. WhatsApp: 15105658164.

Suitable match for professionally qualified Jatt Sikh beautiful, slim girl US citizen born in Oct. ’87 and height 5′-6″. She graduated with Masters in Public Health, Biostatistics. Currently she is working as Quantiative Research Analyst with well-renowned hospital research institution in Northern California. We are well settled family in the US for the past 35 years. Please contact with biodata and recent pictures: [email protected] or WhatsApp at (530) 218-5948. Marriage bureau excuse us.

Jatt Sikh Sidhu girl 5′-3″ fair, July 90, B.Sc Nursing, working in Indian Army as Nursing Officer, Distt Jalandhar. Seeking Canada/ USA/ Australia PR/ Citizen, educated Jatt Sikh non-smoker match. WhatsApp 94656 -27895.

PQM for Australia based, govt employee never married, Hindu, Khatri Girl 72 born young-looking 5’3” visiting India. [email protected]

Suitable Doctor match for Jat Sikh beautiful daughter MBBS, 1986, USA born. Father USA Senior Scientist. WhatsApp: 510-650-2845.

Suitable match from well educated status family for Kamboj Sikh girl, Nov. 93, 5′-5″, Manager in top MNC London. Preferred vegetarian, non-drinker, Doctor/Engineer. 6284139821.

Match for New Zealand based Hindu Mahajan divorced girl, 5′-4″, 08/26/1989, Post Graduate, MBA. Boy should be New Zealand settled. Contact: 98885-48483.

Match for Ramdasia Sikh (Weaver) girl, 88 born, 5′-3″, M.Sc (Physics), B.Ed. Govt school teacher. Doaba preferred. E-mail: [email protected] 9465834531.

Match for slim, fair, beautiful 5′-5″, 1977, Aggarwal girl M.Sc. (Botany), B.Ed., Diploma E-Commerce, working Govt. School, reputed business family. Brother, Bhabhi Doctors. 99883 -33234, [email protected]

PQM for well settled Australian citizen Saini girl February ’86 born, 5′-2″, MPA, CPA from Australia. Currently working in good Australian Company. Family settled in Chandigarh. Australian citizen/ PR preferred. Gotra Maagyan, Longia. Email- [email protected] ph-0172-4731836, 99888-20447.

Doctor/ PCS/ IAS match for Arora intelligent beautiful MBBS Doctor girl 31 yrs./ 5′-4”, Practicing renowned Hospital in Haryana, Father’s own road construction Company, brother an Advocate, well settled renowned family of Ferozepur Punjab, Upper caste no bar. Contact 098281-69569.

Sikh Saini 1995, 5’4.5″, medium fair, B.Sc, aquaculture Post Graduate. working top seafood company Canada. Applying for PR this year. looking professionally qualified, teetotaler partner for our daughter. upper caste welcome. Father Gazetted officer Punjab Govt, family based Jalandhar. Please send biodata with photographs. 99141-97364

Suitable match for Mohali based Jatt Sikh beautiful girl, June 1986, 5′-5″, M.Pharma. Sibling married and settled in Canada. Preference to NRI/ Medical profession. Contact: 98765-73272.

Professionally qualified match for Canada PR Sikh tonk-kashtriya beautiful girl 38 yrs 5’2″MCA with distinction, working in reputed IT company of Canada as tech lead, handsome package,own apartment in Toronto,issueless divorcee,educated and sister in USA. Issueless or unmarried and in canada or USA preferred. Upper caste welcome. Please contact +919417199243. Email:- [email protected]

Match for a beautiful, high status, well cultured, professional girl living in Canada, highly educated. April 92 born. Looking for high status, cultured family in Canada. (Caste no bar) Email: [email protected] Phone: +91 7009369628

Professionally qualified match for beautiful Jat Sikh girl, EU citizen by birth, 28 yrs, 5′-09″, LLM and working in International Legal Firm. Respond with biodata & pics. [email protected]

Match for Himachali Rajput Girl 5′-5”, 09-09-1986, 6 PM, PhD. Assistant Professor, Tricity Whatsapp 8284834861

Professionally qualified match for Kamboj Sikh beautiful girl, 1992 born, 5′-1″, M.Tech. employed MNC, 10 LPA, Canada PR applied express entry. Contact: 9781438266, 8968227898.

Jatt Sikh Civil Servant/MS/MD boy for fair, beautiful Jatt Sikh girl, Surgery Resident, 26 yrs, 5′-5″. Reputed and educated urban family. Contact: 9780881109.

Canadian MD jat sikh sidhu slim girl 27.5′-7″ doing residency in US. respond only jat sikh doctors and professionals,send biodata, [email protected]

Jatt Sikh girl, 1990/ 5′-7″, Ph.D. (Engg.), Surrey Canada (Visitor), seeks Edu. Canada/ USA based match. WhatsApp: +12368332470.

Suitable match for Punjabi Ad-dharmi, Oct. 1992 born 5′-5″, B.Tech, M.Tech. CSE, worked as QA Engineer, currently pursuing Post-graduate in Canada. Preferred Software Engineer, Canadian PR. Whatsapp: 7087495076.

Well qualified Brahmin, teetotaler match for girl B.Tech. 1989, 5′-5″, divorcee, working in Sydney. Please send photo, biodata. 0061422250899.

Well educated match from US/Canada/India for Canada PR, Diploma in ‘Chemical Laboratory Technician’ from Canada,Convent educated,Beautiful Jat Sikh Girl,1998 born,5’3″. WhatsApp 00918146655771 Email : [email protected]

Suitable match for Dental Surgeon (BDS) height 5′-3”, 08th Nov. 1990, very fair, already practicing, Father Medical practitioner, Brother Medical Officer Civil Hospital, Mother house wife, Caste no bar. Phone/ WhatsApp 94644-97166.

Suitable match for Jat Sikh b?ful Girl, 28, 5?3?, M. Tech from Canadian Uni. Consultant in a software firm in Toronto. Looking for educated, well placed groom, Canada/US based. Respond with biodata and pics [email protected] WhatsApp: 8800721494

Match for very fair, slim, beautiful Aggarwal girl, Feb. 1991, 5′-2”, B.Tech. (Comp. Science), MBA (IBS Pune), working Pune. Very well settled high status business family. Seeks well educated boy from well settled Business family or highly posted in Govt./ MNC. Only Aggarwal families. Decent marriage. Contact: 92163-71974.

Prajapat Sikh beautiful girl Dec.94, 5′-2½”,B.Tech. Computer Science. Working as Data Entry Operator. Parents Retd. from Govt job.Brother Canada PR. Required Canada settled/ PR match.Contact: 90560-24177 .

Suitable match for Saraswat Brahmin girl, Chandigarh, M.Sc. IT, Sept 1991, working in MNC, Mohali. IT professionals preferred. 87288-68651.

Match for Bengali Brahmin Manglik girl 91 born, 5′-2″. B.Tech, MBA, Punjab State Gazetted Officer, permanently posted in Patiala. Jalandhar based family. Father retired from Central Government services, Kundli matching is preferred. Contact details: 9779995225.

Employed match Post Graduate Arora Manglik girl 09/16/93, 6:36 am, Ambala City, 5′-7″, regular Govt employee Chandigarh 94164-89750.

Suitable match for Brahmin, Non manglik girl 5′, 26.07.1994, 11:20 am, Government job Chandigarh. 89504-23983.

Required well educated working professional for well educated Brahmin girl, 5′-6”, Engineer,DOB: 13 Dec,1992, 3:00 AM, Bathinda. Working in IT MNC company. Contact: 9780533775

Punjabi Hindu Khatri CA Inter issuesless divorcee 1984, 5′-4″, seek NRI match . 78370-08211

Ravidasia girl 1992/5′-4″, BCA, Tally IT Course. Preference Govt job, businessman 98770-67196, 63952-25640.

Suitable match for Mahajan Girl, Nov-1982 (B.Tech+MBA), working MNC, decent well educated family, upper caste no bar, Mob #9596978787, [email protected]

Ravidasia girl 1990, 5′-2”, B.Tech., MBA (UK), seven years work experience, Gurugram working, 22 LPA. Father Class I. Contact: 98149-05289.

Wanted Vegetarian Hindu Saini working professional Match (Manglik / Non-Manglik) for Hindu Saini Girl, 5’4″, 1992 born, B. Tech., M.Tech, currently working with Infosys. Upper caste no bar. Contact : 098960 34642 , 094165 55528

Well educated & qualified match for good looking Jat Sikh girl June?91 born, 5′-7″, Chartered Accountant girl, pursuing CPA.Prefer professionals already settled in US/Canada. Please respond with photos and biodata at WhatsApp-98712-49222

Manglik Jat Sikh girl 20 August 1986, Working in MNC 30 Lakh Package (CTC), B.Tech. 5′-3″, having 10 Year Tourist Visa of USA and Canada. Whatsapp Bio-data @ 93090-00003.

Seeking well settled alliance preferably from business family for beautiful, Bengali twin sisters, brought up in Chandigarh, 26.06.1994, 5′-4”, 06:00 pm & 5′-2”, 06:04 pm, Paschim Midnapur (West Bengal), MA Economics, Professional Bakery Chef, running home bakery, younger-Masters in Business Economics working in a social media company. Chandigarh settled Bengali (Mahishya) reputed businessman family. Non Bengalis / other caste considerable. Contact: 8284854506

1993.5ft:Carrier oriented daughter of educated family.Currently pursuing Ph.d

1987/5′-3″, slim, fair Ramdasia (weavers) MDS (Dentist), working as Senior Lecturer and clinic also. Father Class-I Officer, mother govt. teacher(Retired). Prefer govt. employee. Contact: 8288001903 , 98156-52210.

Professionally qualified match for Gaur Brahmin girl B.Tech. (C.Sc.), MS from OSLO (Norway), working MNC Mohali, 21.09.1994, 5′-2½”, 08:20 am, born Rohtak, parents HES-II Education Department, Haryana. Karnal based. Contact: 98120-66767.

Match for Chandigarh based upper caste nice Sikh girl, 35, 5′-4″,M.Sc.(IT), B.Ed. Teacher, unmarried, Decent family. Please whatsapp boy’s biodata with photo. 94172-38376.

PQM4 Prajapati girl completing Ph.D Civil Engr., 29/ 154 cms Hindu, Zirakpur settled family seeks qualified compatible match from same/ upper caste. # WhatsApp 76968-16601.

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