Greenbelt couple returns home to two people in their bed

GREENBELT, Md. — A Greenbelt couple got the surprise of their lives when they returned home from vacation to find their apartment empty and two squatters lying in their bed.

According to police, the incident happened on April 5 in the 9300 block of Edmonston Road. Police say the couple returned home finding their front door damaged and their apartment completely empty.

When they arrived at their bedroom, the couple found two people lying in their bed. The bed was the only item of furniture still left in the home.

The suspects admitted to taking the couple’s property before fleeing.

The couple left for vacation on March 28. The apartment was fully furnished when they left. When they arrived back only black trash bags filled with items and trash remained on the walls.

The victims claim that they do not know two suspects. The victims lost approximately $49,100 in property.

If anyone has any information regarding this incident or the individuals pictured, please contact the Greenbelt Police Department at 301-474-7200 or [email protected]

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