Gov Walz addresses hospital bed, space shortages as COVID surges

Governor Tim Walz urges the Minnesotans to get vaccinated. As COVID cases continue to rise in Minnesota, Walz told the HCMC on Tuesday that health care workers were being pushed to their limits …

“When I listened to the people from above, I asked directly:“ You have been here for 20 months, how does it feel now? ”And without a doubt everyone has said that it is now worse than ever, it is harder now for us, the people who are here are sicker than they were and the pressure and wear and tear on the staff is worse than ever. “

Walz activated the Minnesota National Guard earlier this week to form skilled care-response teams to support long-term facilities with shortage of staff. Walz also suggests allocating $ 50 million in federal funding to facilities to help hire and retain employees.

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