Golden Retriever Puppy Refuses To Get Out Of Bed

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Getting up on a winter morning is always difficult, but in the weeks after the Christmas season, the urge to hibernate is so tempting. That’s why this TikTok viral video of a golden retriever refusing to get out of bed is so relatable and so adorable.

In the video, TikToker @Kayvlas couples a funny audio clip with a video of their Golden Retriever puppy Luna, who has snuggled into a human bed.

The audio, a clip called “Time fo scoo” that was posted by user @braden, says “Wakey! Awake, awake! It’s time for school. Come on. Wake up it’s time for school. Come on man! ”But the fluffy pup got none of this. Check out the adorable TikTok below:

@kayvlas Luna 🌙 #dogsofttiktok #puppylove #goldenretriever #puppylove #fyp #viral ♬ time fo scoo – braden🦓

We feel you, Luna! It’s so hard to get out of bed to face a January morning.

Do you need more cuteness? Kayvla’s TikTok account is basically a shrine to her golden retriever pups, Luna and Lola. Warning: if you are watching these videos you will want to attain a puppy status, but keep in mind that they can be more work than they seem! This mentions Dory from the Disney movie “Finding Nemo”.

@kayvlas 🥺 #puppy #dog #goldenretriever #fyp #foryou #foryoupage ♬ hi im dory – kaley

More of a cat person than a dog person? TikTok is still the place to go for the most heartwarming and hilarious pet content.

For example, watch this video where a mom and kitten are being cared for by their owner. We don’t know why it is so relaxing to watch a kitten brush her teeth while Chopin plays in the background, but hey, it’s just like that.

Check out the video below from TikToker @twiniboo if you don’t believe us:

@twiniboo ✨Katzenpflegeoutine✨ # foryou #fyp #foryourpage #cat #catsoftiktok #catlover #cat #petlover #petoftiktok #bathcat #viral #tiktok #viralcat ♬ Chopin Nocturne No. 2 Piano Mono – moshimo sound design

Do you need more cuddly kittens? It turns out there is a whole category of cute animal videos that use @braden’s sound, including this one from @scottish_mychka with a sleepy cat:

@scottish_mychka It’s time to go to school🤓 # pourtoi #fyp #animal #chat #catlover #cattiktok #funny #foryoupage #drole #catoftiktok #tiktok #follow #weakyweaky ♬ time fo scoo – braden🦓

And if you want to browse some of the 103,800 videos that attach the same audio to videos of cute sleepy animals (including a chimpanzee), you can watch them here.

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