Girl in Bed With Arch Manning Declares Where’s He’s Going to Play College Football

Arch Manning already has a girlfriend?

Arch Manning has been the focus of attention year round, also because of his family name. I mean, the boy’s a fucking manning. Arch is ranked the Best Prospect in the Class of 2023, with Georgia, Texas, Ole Miss, Alabama, and Clemson being among the schools he is considering.

He still has to decide where to play.

But apparently someone else is speaking for him. A video has surfaced of an Arch Manning chilling in bed with a girl. In the video, the girl undertakes to go to a familiar school.

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View below:

Guys will say anything to go to bed with a good looking girl.

Tell them what they want to hear.

ESPN’s Mark Schlabach reported last month that Manning is unlikely to make a college decision until next spring or summer.

“After everything the people around Isidore Newman have told me, I think he was on the [college] Coach carousel to calm down after this season, ”said Schlabach. “And then go out there and make your official visits and make a decision late next spring or summer. But certainly Texas, Georgia, and Alabama seem to think they’re in a pretty good position. “

Arch has a few more decisions to make, like whether he’ll play basketball.

“I still have to decide whether to play basketball [for Newman]“Said Manning of what’s next for him. “So I’ll focus on that and take it one day at a time.”

Wherever he lands, the ladies will attack him like white on rice.

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